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  1. Alright. It's me Gta_Player_Gino here, and I am here to tell you guys how crazy this game is going to be. If you guys happen to stumble across a few details here and there about this game then great! Fine! I have recently discovered that this game is going to be featuring a "Real Economy" and characters live their own lives. As well as a bigger map than RDR and GTA IV combined. That's big if you ask me! Plenty of area to drive around, and fly around! But long story short, the vehicles in this game are going to be insane and I'm sure the gameplay will be it. That's it, feel free to respond to me at any time, and I will most likely reply back. Gta_Player_Gino
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    Haha hey man, I pre-ordered it! I admit it, I could not resist walking away from Gamestop without that poster! To all of you guys that like the Grand Theft Auto franchise reply to me! I especially love San andreaus and I'm sure you guys do, if so reply to me and I would be glad to talk with you guys! Gta_Player_Gino
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