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  1. Yeah I heard about The Lizard thing too when I was on YouTube. There was some kind of interview of Stan Lee (for those of you who don't know: the creator of Spiderman) and he was saying something along the lines of: I think it would be logical to see The Lizard in the next movie. So that's something to look forward to, but that would mean Venom (don't read the spoiler tag unless you've seen the movie)

    would have to be still alive and I'm pretty sure both the symbiote and Brock died in the end

    Because Carnage is Venom's "child" but it would be really great if he was in the 4th movie. I'm sure he will be in at least one of the next 3 movies. :D

    Doesn't Dr. Conners still have that little piece of the symbiote that Peter took to him

    It is great plot for 4th movie,Noru.

    Smth like this:Piece of symbiote merged with Dr.Conners(Lizard),forming Carnage.

    BTW:Carnage is Venom's Child?!Thats something new.

  2. Rockstar don't want the game to be too "naturalistic" so there will be some "fun" weapons in the game

    I am very exited!Fun Weapons?!Maybe some kind of Jetpack even.

    One of the radio stations is said to play Eastern European dance music

    I will be listening this radio all game long,if they will add some russian songs!

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