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  1. Alright, awesome f***. That would be: 15$ Money first.
  2. Everything is okay in my arcade,though.
  3. [center]Billing Information: Customer:Thegtaguy Userbar: Code:http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s168/Holy_Win/Thegtaguy.png Colors:Green,Dark green ____________________________________________________________ Total Due:$10[/center]
  4. Okay expect them real soon. You need 4 userbars? 1-"San Andreas" $20 2-Vice City $20 3-GTA III, the first 3D GTA $20 _____________________________ $45 4-I am thegtaguy, I am the Hulk $10 $55 Correct me if something is not right.
  5. Just wondering: when they will release GTA IV Demo?! BTW: cool screenshot.
  6. Carnage_


    Happy birthday,Jace!
  7. It is great plot for 4th movie,Noru. Smth like this:Piece of symbiote merged with Dr.Conners(Lizard),forming Carnage. BTW:Carnage is Venom's Child?!Thats something new.
  8. Spiderman II<<<SpidermanIII As I also said in the same topic-I liked special Effects.
  9. I've seen it.Effects are awesome!
  10. Welcome to the forums,Queenie
  11. Happy Birthday!Hope you will get nice presents!
  12. PS3 is better than 360. It even looks more attractive than X-Box
  13. Cool story,man!But I doesnt have time to read it all.
  14. My birthday is august 20,1992.
  15. Carnge without _

    Just some dumbass get this nick before me!

  16. I am very exited!Fun Weapons?!Maybe some kind of Jetpack even. I will be listening this radio all game long,if they will add some russian songs!
  17. I recieved money. Now userbar code: http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s168/Holy_Win/Supporter.png
  18. Dont forget about _ at the end of my nick!
  19. Billing Information Customer:Manchester United Maniac-Ram the Don Effects:None Colors:Purple;Black. Total Due:$10
  20. hey,Manu-maniac,you can change your name once a month.

  21. I thought that with PS2 Gamepad it is much easier to complete dancing.
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