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  1. Well everytime i go out of Los Santos to the forest area or go to my other penthouse in San Ferrio, the game start having ploblems loading stuff such as traffic lights and buildings making me hit things that i cant see and when i load the game it crashes is there a way to fix this?
  2. DJCX43

    GTA SA Messed up

    nevermind i fixed it
  3. DJCX43

    GTA SA Messed up

    Well heres what happened i decided to try out the ENB during installing it with winace it said the file went bad pretty much installing it with an error pretty much messed up my SA textures but the mods worked well but i decided to reintall everything and now apprenetly everytime i tend install an mod it crashes same thing when try to run it normallay instead of pressing Run as Admin....so it there anyway to fix this because its really has been pissing me off for the past days