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    Introduction San Andreas Online is a role-play server development, based in the northern districts of San Andreas. Development begun in December of 2012, on a fresh copy of the latest Raven's Roleplay gamemode. After 3 months of development, the original gamemode has been stripped, re-built, and a hybrid of several gamemodes and features have been incorporated into this build to create an expansive and sophisticated server script. Development Development has been an interesting process since day 1. It was never intended to even start our own server, let alone get this far. So it's been a learning curve since the very beginning, and we're learning more and more every day. The idea of San Andreas Online (Originally DraigLive Roleplay) was for a few friends to play around on, with basic features of a cops and robbers server based in Los Santos. Due to the increased interest of server development with SA-MP, the suggestion of creating a public server was put across, and thus began the development of San Andreas Online. The Team The executive director of San Andreas Online has over 10 years of experience in game development, server development, online role-play and community management, as well as website development, interface/logo design, music composition and production and computer programming. He has experience in business management, military, and law enforcement. The assistant director has experience in computer forensics analysis, website scripting, computer programming and military. The administration team consist of people of all ages from all around the world. They have at least 1 year experience using SA-MP and playing on role-play servers. They are competent in team leadership, and display the utmost professionalism. Server Features The server you will find, is similar to other role-playing servers. Since several of our administration team still enjoy playing on a particular server together, we've made several features similar so that it's easy for us to switch over (And without using different binds lol). Initially, San Andreas Online was very different, but we wanted people who came from other servers to be able to migrate with ease, without having to get used to completely different commands and the way a lot of features work. However, that being said, as you progress through San Andreas Online, you'll notice some unique features and cool perks. Player Job Opportunities We found that on several RP servers, the job opportunities for players was either very limited, or very imbalanced. We aimed to create a series of jobs available to players that would keep them interested up to level 10 (By then we highly recommend joining a faction or family). We've tried to come up with some unique ideas to keep the jobs diverse and interesting. Not everybody wants to deliver pizzas for weeks on end, in order to save up for that new car. The paper round is the first job any player should get when they join the server. It's not far from the airport, so a short taxi ride is all it takes to get there. This job is great in terms of learning the ropes in Las Venturas, as it required you to deliver newspapers to various houses and apartments in the city, and the pay isn't too bad. You are supplied with a uniform, and a BMX bike to do your rounds on. You will deliver to a local area, so you wouldn't travel far from SA News to deliver the papers. The iconic pizza boy job, we wouldn't have a server without it. Similar to the paper round, this job requires that you venture around the map delivering hot pizzas to hungry customers. The locations of this job reach a much broader area, some times even taking you into Bone County to deliver the goods, and covering the entire of Las Venturas City. Much like the former 2 jobs, although having access to a Bobcat allows you to carry much more deliveries. The pay is much better, but shifts are longer, and can sometimes require you to travel to Tierra Robada and Red County. Just like the Burger Shot delivery job, you have access to a Bobcat allows you to carry much more deliveries. The pay is much better, but shifts are longer, and can sometimes require you to travel to Tierra Robada and Red County. The Private Detective gives you the skills to use the tracker device which can be bought at black markets around San Andreas. Can be used for both legal and illegal purposes in tracking specific people. Private Detectives can be hired, for a fee of their own discretion. A very easy job with fantastic pay. All you need to do is go around the streets, picking up the garbage bags left out by the inhabitants of San Andreas. This job requires you to get out of your vehicle and physically pick up trash bags, and put them in the back of your garage truck. You are rewarded for each garbage bag you collect. Another very easy job, that pays quite well. Follow the check points around the map. A whole shift can work up to 100 checkpoints, but you can end your shift early, as you are rewarded for each checkpoint you reach. The trucker job gives you the opportunity to deliver goods. It pays quite well, and you may receive physical bonuses depending on the cargo you are carrying. As a trucker you have the ability to hijack other trucks, and carry legal or illegal goods. But watch out for the cops! The National Transport Services is a large taxi organisation which offers taxi, bus, ferry and airline services. This is currently the only player to player interact-able job available, as players pay you to take them places, via a set fare (Although there are plans being prepared for other jobs which work in correspondence to families, gangs and factions). Factions Factions are a great way to get more involved in the server. Most factions require you to use TeamSpeak, and forums to communicate with other players. They consist of Law Enforcement Officials, Fire and Medical Services, News Reporters, and Government Officials. These factions, and their members make a big impact on how the game is played. SAPD Patrol consists of 4 divisions, specific to certain areas of San Andreas. Their main duties are patrolling the streets, to prevent and deter public crime. They assist civilians on a day-to-day basis and help to make the community safer, and along with the State Police, keep traffic laws in order within their jurisdiction. The Force Intelligence Bureau are the brains behind every operation, and every crime. They collect evidence at crime scenes to use against criminals, or to solve cases. They will go undercover, deep into gang territory to uncover organised crime, as well as street crime. Their facility is home to DNA testing labs, fingerprint databases and other technology that aids in discovering facts and criminals. The FIB also aid in the prevention of crime out on the streets along with their patrol division colleagues. State Police are primarily the traffic enforcement unit of the San Andreas Police Department. They have state-wide jurisdiction, but spend most of their time on the highways between each jurisdiction, and on the borders. They are a fast response unit, so are equipped with high speed vehicles, and motorcycles designed for both on-road and off-road. We try to encourage role-play particularly in our prison. The consequences for committing crime on this server can be heavy, so players can find themselves spending a good few hours of their playing time in the prisons. SAPD employ prison officers to keep order and safety in the prison which makes for good role-play opportunities. High ranked prison officers may also pursue escapees. Should a local PD jail become to full, DoC can use their enforcers to collect prisoners and bring them to DoC. The Emergency Medical Team is probably the most important faction on the server. They aid people who have been injured, and save them from death. They respond to all civilian and professional people in quick time. They operate all over San Andreas, and form a part of the Fire and Medical Services. Like EMT, the Fire Department forms a part of the Fire and Medical Services. They operate all over San Andreas and aid to put out fires, as well as rescue people from traffic accidents and household incidents. The Fire and Rescue Team are also setting up a Coastguard division, which will be a team of ex FD and EMT, which will patrol the coastlines of San Andreas. They will have basic law enforcement abilities, as well as gain handcuff training and firearms authority to assist in any hostility against it's faction members whilst out on calls. NOOSE on San Andreas Online, is much like it is on GTA IV. It is a consolidation of both S.W.A.T and the Military. They respond to all backup calls over San Andreas, as well as assist in raid operations, drugs busts and gang incidents. Usually patrol officers are not advised to deal with heavy shoot-outs. NOOSE also assist in hostage situations, and guard the borders of San Andreas. The San Andreas Elite Commandos was set up as an admin faction, that enforces both role-play law, and server rules. It allows administrators to interact with players through role-play, and get a first look on how people are playing the game. It also allows them to patrol and make sure people aren't breaking server rules, and helps to form a good relationship with players. SAEC is a military style faction, similar to NOOSE, but has greater access to air support, as well as ground support. Normal players can be invited into this faction, should the elite commandos agree on their skills and role-play abilities to be superior enough for the Elite Commandos. SA News gives you all the latest gossip and goings on around San Andreas. They are able to broadcast live announcements, interviews, and even a TV show should you have the privilege of owning a TV set in your home. You may see them travelling around in their vans, or flying overhead in their helicopter, catching all the activities around the country. (If anybody in this faction is found to be pestering law enforcement agencies, they will be fired and banned from the faction indefinitely). Last but not least, the Government. They decide the tax, and pretty much anything else that involves the law, and how law enforcement agencies operate in San Andreas. The judicial system in San Andreas also operates under the government. They have their own security division and secret service which focuses primarily on the protection of the president, but may assist police officers if they are in the area. ___________________________________________________ There are more divisions available via SAPD including the Professional Standards Department which ensure that policies and procedures are followed, and the department is professional at all times. They have the authority to punish, and even fine officers for misconduct. And then we have the Human Resources division, which is responsible for the administration of the department, and the training and recruitment of new officers. Economy We've tried to make our economy as real as possible. There's only so much you can achieve in terms of realism, before you start to take away the game aspect, and can often ruin the enjoyment for players. Taxes, pay rates, vehicle and house prices are often as close to real as possible, but a true economy will never be fully set up until we have enough players to determine how much is being put into the economy, and how much is being taken out. In real life, there is more or less a set amount of money in circulation, and how much new money is made is limited to that. In San Andreas Online, money is generated and put into the economy from jobs, that don't actually generate income from players, so the amount of currency in circulation is constantly increasing. The way we combat this is through law enforcement. By issuing traffic tickets, citations, and arrest fines, we can remove some of that money and maintain balance within the economy. Security & Server Moderation We do all we can to increase security of the server, with the help from other SA-MP scripters who have so far been a crucial element of this development, and I thank everybody who posts snippets, and features for us to use on our server. The administration team, and the server moderators do their very best to ensure fair play amongst players. We don't always see everything first-hand, so it helps to take screenshots and use Fraps or other screen recording software, and submit the evidence to us. We often employ server moderators who are in factions, as they are more likely to witness server violations, particularly death-matching and meta-gaming. Where to find us! We have a website and forums at http://www.saonline.co.nr and will have dedicated server hosting with Vortex Servers.