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  1. hate to sound like such a cliche but i guess i just came into terms with it all. At this moment iv'e only come out to most of my female friends but the thought of coming out to my male friends and to family petrifies me atleast until i've finished high school.

  2. Well A few days ago I decided to move my room around. Once I got my desk in it's new position I set up the computer. Turn it on all works fine, Then the monitor just turns off. Start it up again monitor doesn't work. Keep doing it a few times works sometimes but not for long. Now I wouldn't say my monitor is ancient but it is pretty old around 6 years I think, I would expect a few more years from it. Has this problem occured to anyone else or do you think i just need to get a new monitor. Thanks

  3. As from the title you can tell this topic is about CHRISTMAS!!!! =]. What will you be doing, What will you be getting, Or do you even celebrate it. As for me I will just be chilling at home playing with my PS3 ^_^ and being around family. Unforteantly today there were none at JB HI-FI or Kmart =[.

  4. For some reason i find hentai funny???? I bearly ever watch it.Iv'e only watched one movie this year i have gotten over it.

    ROFL Last year half the people had it on there mobile at school..........Arghh good times XXD

  5. LOL

    yeah only 2 more sleeps. This is the first time its happended in years and i think we got around 10-12 gigs so im wondering how it all went??? <__>. Lol and i get accused for the downloads. And what make it worse is that everyone says its great...Only more tempting.

  6. Right now i eat at KFC so i can get a Pepsi drink and have the chance to play Rock Paper Sizzors and go in the draw to win $1000 or a Sony Viao Notebook or a PS3 & PSP. But i usually eat at red rooster i love there chicken. I also dont mind Hungry Jacks or like everyone else in the world calls in Burger King.

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