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  1. This may sound stupid but who is Pete?
  2. I have now completed all the main story missions and would like to take over all the other gangs' Empires. But I've read that attacking several bases of the same gang one after each other makes them attack you. What is the best way to take them over?
  3. Ok I'm now stuck on the "Light my Pyre" mission. I recently found the bike after trying to do it in the nearest car to no avail. I read on the gamespot walkthrough that you can just drive really fast to prawn island and it will skip to the next part of the mision. How easy is this to do and can you give me some advice? Cheers
  4. I can't find where the safe is in the mansion? The signal becomes strong when I'm in the room next to mendez but I still can't find it. Please could you help me?
  5. Registered ages ago but forgot about this place. Hey anyway.
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