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  1. {S.W.A.T}Curtis7

    New Screenshots!

    GTA IV Screenshot 1 GTA IV Screenshot 2 GTA IV Screenshot 3 GTA IV Screenshot 4 Hope you enjoy 'em =] .
  2. {S.W.A.T}Curtis7

    Gta classics

    are you registered ? sometimes you have to be registered to do certain stuff ?
  3. {S.W.A.T}Curtis7

    gta san andreas...problem

    ye you see i cant uninstall the game----see my first post
  4. {S.W.A.T}Curtis7

    gta san andreas...problem

    how do i delete the files....i have clicked on properties in the C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas and deleted the files in that but the icons are still there and when i put in the san andreas disc it says play san andreas , uninstall san andreas and read me...etc.
  5. {S.W.A.T}Curtis7

    gta san andreas...problem

    ok i recently install a mod from moddb.com, it was called copland for gta sa which was basically like realGTA 3 , after trouble with it i uninstalled the game so to delete the mod and re-installed the game again...but now when i start up the game and load my game it is a black screen with ''Dorothy'' on the bottom right hand corner (dorothy being the place i last saved ), then when i try uninstalling the game again i get an error code why i cant uninstall the game '''' >SetupDLL\SetupDll.cpp(469) PAPP:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PVENDOR:Rockstar Games (http://www.rockstargames.com/) PGUID:D417C96A-FCC7-4590-A-1BB-FAF73F5BC98E $ @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600)IE 7.0.5730.11'''' and when i click ok to that another box comes up called ''InstallShield Wizard'' and that says ''' Setup has experienced an error Please do the following: - Close any running programs - Empty yourmtemporary folder - Check your internet connection [internet-based Setups] Then try to run the Setup again. Error code: -5001 ''' i do not understand this..? can you please help.I would be most gratful! thanks