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  1. icecold400

    Funniest glitch

    i thought this glitch was funny, cop hummer is stuck under the bridge.... plus av posted ma favourite suv jus cus it looks cool..wat ur think?
  2. icecold400


    av got 3 pics to post folks... 1. This damn cop jus fell out the sky, landed on the tram, then jamp on the bobcat jus cus i had a one star bounty on ma head... 2. I decided to smoke a homie cus fool didnt backme up in a fight wid the Ballas, so i took tha homie down to tha country, then pistal whipped tha fool, ran the motherf**ker over, then blew his truck which his babymammas bought last week ...lol 3. oh yeah n then i wifed his b**ch.. jus to get him bak!!!..lol
  3. icecold400

    San Andreas Multiplayer Help Thread

    Hi okey av installed SA-MP correctly, however everytym i try to play on a server the games says it cannot carry on as there is a an error...any ideas why? av posted screenshots below. Also i cant seem to play any games hosted.. everytym i join a game the graphics detail is messed up ...ie the the selected character is floating in thin air with no walls, roads etc... this is not a problem wen i play the original game without the server( tend to play highest graphic detail without any problems) av tried playin on the lowest resolution and detail but still the same problem.. wud greaty appreciate if any one can help...screen shots below as well.
  4. icecold400

    Help with language problem!

    It worked for me... why dont u reinstall the game and try and replace the files see if that works.... Fonts.txd (delete existing file and replace with the new one) heres where u can find it, san andreas directory>models American.gxt (delete existing file and replace with the new one) heres where u can find it, san andreas directory>Text if that doesnt work try starting the game 1. Choose the middle one which is Options 2. Then choose the last one which shud be Langugaes. 3. There should be a list of languages.
  5. icecold400


    @ aatech: Am afraid there is no solution to that mate... trust me av searched the whole net! Take it as a fashion accesssory whereby it looks gud but actually isnt good at its job...lol
  6. icecold400


    Got it workin....but it seems a bit lame that u have to keep the camera hack program workin in background for it to work..i think thats where most peeps go worng..n find it difficult to install..u assume its a patch, and hence think it doesnt hav to be run at the same time with the game.
  7. icecold400


    Cant get this cam hack to work, i did wat it sed unzip file into san andreas folder and then click camhack, but it doesnt show up wid speedometer in game? ...i think the word am lookin for is HELP!!!
  8. icecold400


    Cheers dude , jus one thing any sign of the petrol mod or is that included in the cam hack mod?
  9. icecold400


    Ok, i hav download many cars and now i need sum realism within the game... av been searchin for a speedometer and hav so far only found the one made by spooky, seems this one is complex and people hav trouble installing it. After downloading JVT Ferrari Kappa i realised he's got a kool speeedometer in his preview pic...my question is where can i get that from? (pics included at bottom) And another thing...i can remeber vice city had this mod where by u had to fill up the car with gas so often...is there a mod for this on san andreas?
  10. icecold400

    I need help with changing language settings!

    for the info but i guess its a no no for me...lol am too violent...lol mite start a gang war for no reason...
  11. icecold400

    I need help with changing language settings!

    So where do i xactly buy them from?....n are they jus mods for the pc version or sumthing?
  12. icecold400

    I need help with changing language settings!

    @ yellow card: come on man i mayb new to the board but nt new to the game...lol @ Jace: one last quik question...wats wit the dollars thing below everyones user profile?
  13. icecold400

    I need help with changing language settings!

    YOU THE MAN.....YOU THE MAN everything is all gud!!! THANX THANX!!! jus a couple of post ago i thought this game was pointless...anyway thanx again, is there a place for donation for server cost etc that i can make ?
  14. icecold400

    I need help with changing language settings!

    here u go http://rapidshare.com/files/10244822/fonts.txd.html
  15. icecold400

    I need help with changing language settings!

    Thats okey no rush, at least i can read sum of the words, again thankyou