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  1. When I try my theory of using the handling line from the Utility van, And placing it in the handling line of the RangeRover...It comes up its not for the game or something... :/
  2. I feel like such an idiot :/ None of this makes sense haha, I know how to add/replace files with IMGTool...I know how to use SAMI....But changing the handling of a specific car makes no sense to me..The only way I could think of what you're trying to explain to me is if I get the handling id line from the towtruck, And pasting it into the Rangerover id line, But I bet that's wrong too lol Thanks
  3. Thanks for actually being helpful! I've not been "modding" as such for a long time...So I don't really know how to change the handling ect...I know after you choose the mod it says the Color & Handling or something? I've tried editing them befor but they didn't "delete" as such...If you could explain how to it would be a real help Thanks:) Never mind...You just "double click" it hahaha!, But I still don't understand what you mean by replacing the handling lines...The handling lines of the range rover or of the tow truck? I'm not very smart...Sorry -.-- I just want a RangeRover with the towing abilities, I never knew it would be so complicated, I've Google'd so many times "Range rover utility van mod" and stuff along those lines and not found a single thing :/ Somebody should make one!! Sorry for replying 3 times to 1 topic reply, I'm just happy somebody has actually replied with help! Thanks
  4. I've tried this and it still doesn't work...I want the towing feature of a Utility van + Utility Trailer but with a Range Rover...If somebody would make one I'd appreciate it
  5. I want to find a Utility Van mod that's a RangeRover/LandDrover....I don't want the pickup trucks that I always seem to find....If anybody has one or knows of a link/website could you please comment it RangeRovers/LandDrovers are my favorite vehicle and I love it! I love pulling caravans and trailers along too...But I can only ever find a pickup truck, Please don't post a SAMI car mod that's the RangeRover/Landdrover that replaces a different vehicle to the Utility Van Thanks
  6. I've installed it correctly and everything, But when I try to open it, It comes up with I don't have Microsoft.NetFramework v1.1, I've clicked ok and downloaded them and restarted like it said, But nothing has happened and it still comes up!:/ I've read I need to update Windows, So I did so and still nothing...I really want the Bugatti Veyron car mod, I've got it downloaded and everything:(, I've tried Reinstalling SAMI too, Nothing works.... Does anybody have an idea how to use the mods without installing SAMI, Or how to get SAMI to work? Thanks:)
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