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  1. Hello Im new to this forum but have always been a fan of GTA. My favourite one was the classic and I really wanted to be able to make my own modifications to it. Unfortunately Rockstar don't Want to give us it. Ive decided to do something about it. Im am programming a exzact replica of the GTA1 game and adding multiplayer options. (I probly wont add single player) You will be able to create dedicated servers of your own and run the game for others to play. Of course this game will have modifications, Why would I do all this without adding them? Ill add more weapons,cars and safehouses. You can buy your own homes and put your cars in garages . Any ways this ain't going to be easy. So im looking for some help. Programmers and gfx artist are welcome. If you would like to help say here or any thougths youd like to see in this project ill hopefully have up a site in the next month.
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