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    Really Strange

    Thanks for the advice! However, I am aware of what you are saying. My problem is different from what you have mentioned because even if i run on a relatively flat slope (i.e. the road in front of the portland save point) my char "superjumps" to the front (i.e. as far as one block) and then dies. I'm thinking maybe there's some issue with the video card because I'm playing my GTA3 on an ATI Mobility Radeon X1300. On a further note, GTA Vice City and San Andreas works great and I don't have this issue in those games.
  2. mangbhoy

    Really Strange

    Hi, I've recently reinstalled GTA III and I have a bit of a problem. Whenever I press the sprint button and I'm on a downhill slope the character seems to "jump" far away and dies instantly. I've tried to search for an answer on the web but I can't find one. I used to play GTA III on my old comp. I have a new comp now with a better system. I'm running winxp sp2 and I'm using a Logitech dual action controller. I've tried playing around with the resolution, reloading from save games and starting a new game but the problem is persistent. Also, I've downloaded some skins and this is my first time to use skins for the pc; I was wondering maybe there a link here. Any help would be nice, thanks!