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  1. awkook

    Re-use old savegame

    I had a huge problem with this and somehow got my saved games to work. I dont remember how though..
  2. awkook

    No text showing up in menu (win7)

    Yeah I did a reinstall. Ill try the compatible thing. edit: gg didnt work
  3. The menu doesnt have any text, but the blue highlight bar still appears, and then sometimes the text becomes BARELY visible then the next time i change something, it dissapears again. I installed the 1.1 patch but the text on the menu still isnt there. I have NO idea why this is.
  4. awkook

    Machinima problems

    Let me put it this way, your laptop sucks. Your processor and no video card is much too weak to play the game whilst recording. Recording takes up a lot of CPU power, and you barely have any.
  5. awkook

    Brakes in car applies on it's own?

    Well, you cannot change the 25 FPS limit Rockstar put on the Frame Limiter. I can run the game at full view distance, very high fx, AA x3, frame limiter off, and 1440x900 32 with 100+ fps. All I was saying is, Frame Limiter ON fixes the problem. So now, I have to choose between frame rate and brake problem. Or is there a way to fix the brake problem whilst still having a high frame rate?
  6. awkook

    Brakes in car applies on it's own?

    Are you sure you know what the problem is here? When I let go the the gas, I can hear the car brake and it comes to a pretty much immediate stop after like 3 seconds of letting go. That does not happen normally. I don't see how effecting game options as you mentioned can change that. Edit: Dear god, i'm sorry I have doubted you. The frame limiter was causing that to happen. It's fixed with frame limiter on. But now, the frame rate is shit and it feels all choppy. I guess I have to choose between the 2?
  7. awkook

    Brakes in car applies on it's own?

    I got the original file and it didnt help. Neither did toggling the Mode help. It has to do something with the game
  8. awkook

    Brakes in car applies on it's own?

    I dont have an analog button on my controller. Im using a Logitech Rumblepad 2 Would you be able to upload your handling.cfg if you have one?
  9. awkook

    Brakes in car applies on it's own?

    I'll try that. Although i've always used a controller so I dont know what's up. It wouldn't have anything to do with some mods that may have been installed or a handleing thing?
  10. awkook

    Brakes in car applies on it's own?

    4 months no reply. Bump.
  11. Hey guys, my friend and both did a fresh install of GTA SA. We customized our controls the exact same. Whenever I go to drive a car and let go of accelerate, my brakes just slightly get applied and I cant coast at all. My friend on the other hand, whenever he lets go of accelerate, he just coasts. I can tell my brakes get applied because I slow too way to quick. Anyone else have this? Anyone know why?
  12. awkook

    Wardrobe mod?

    Is there a mod that takes out CJ walking in and out, checking himself out while changing clothes? Changing clothes can take FOR EVER and it would be nice to just change super fast and go. Thanks
  13. awkook

    GTA 3 Pedestrian sounds, ect?

    Try unpacking SFX.raw with this program. All the sound effects are located throughout that file. Raybob Thank you sir
  14. Hey guys, i know where all the sounds are for GTA3, and i can only find things like the radio stations, people that you work for speaking, police radio, but i cant find any weapon sounds, pedestrian sounds, things like "You can sail the 7 seas" and "IN THE NAVY!" I cant find any of those sounds! Does anybody know where i can find those?
  15. awkook

    MTA GTa 3 help

    well, if you ever played multi theft auto, you would know theres only internet. not official. and theres no servers in official in sa-mp