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  1. does anybody know if there is a garage at the farm house that you can buy in the second "state" in gtasa...because there is lots of barns but i cant find one. AND can u put cars in the plane garage at the Deserted airport runway. Please get back to me. if you have AIM IM me at SnowSkate2K7 thanks
  2. NO WAY. It's immoral to shoot down kids with a sniper or put them on fire with a flamethrower. Juse, NO! through out the series they'v had these names. It's quite nice. What names would you want? Already had, and surely will have again. What's that? You mean just like the game should be in 2007? Yea...kids is a retarded idea...thats a law suit waiting to happen. Cars...i mean like Mustang and Viper not Stallion and Banshee and stuff like that...not made up names b/c that would be way eaisier for the find the car mini-missions...((in GTASA i had lots of trouble)). Present day... yea i mean like 2000-2010...anywhere in between
  3. I want... Spedometers Kids Different looking people cars with regular names...not like washington Strip Clubs more worlds Turning signals Windsheild wipers Cars that drive regular speed More Missions Present day Trees fall Better side missions Powerlines fall Realistic Gameplay theres more but i have to go now
  4. i got yelled at and was locked out by a moderator so i had to move my topic((wat r those ppls anyways...security for a website...haha ))but anyways... Will there be a GTASAS grand theft auto san andreas stories for PSP??? ii would like a GTAIV on psp too but i was informed that wont happen so i guess ill have to buy a PS3 too.
  5. Will there be a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas stories for PSP??? How much does a PS3 cost anyways...
  6. How about like newer cars.. More different people... Different looking police Different looking gangs COME OUT WITH IT ON PS2
  7. Will gta iv be out for ps2 or psp b/c ps2 is like the best gaming system ever and i dont wanna buy and xbox 360 or a ps3. thanks
  8. Hey...Im a Newbie and wanted to get the scoop on GTA IV... it better be on PS2/PSP
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