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  1. Dude...amazing job . i would seriously buy that off the shelf for $1000 . nice job
  2. the chases are supposovly very realistic...just as all the other emergency services....no more kamikazi patrol or suicide patrols i hope
  3. i am sure there will be cheats...there always are but they probably wont work in multiplayer and im sure that R* will change the button sequences...they always do
  4. thats GMT. what time will that be for the eastern seaboard?
  5. I would say Xbox 360. Its not that i dont like the PS3 or anything (Sony makes great consoles) but the XBL marketplace downloads are going to be what makes it much funner on the Xbox 360 than on the PS3. and the achievment system for XBL
  6. yeah, that would be cool but i crash at least every 20 seconds so i dont think it would be a good addon. but i hope the cars colliding and the police P.I.T is more realistic (im sure it will be with R.A.G.E)
  7. I think the default setup will be the R2/ L2 for driving (RT/LT if you use Xbox like me!) but as for the customization, you might be able to customize the controller but GTA never had that befor (as far as i remember) and for the keyboard...just get a chatpad if you have a 360....those things are amazing
  8. from what i have heard from an undisclosed source, there will be online play throught the xbox and ps3 networks, and there will be exclusive downloadable content through the XBL marketplace. i was told the games would be Cops and Robbers, an "every man for themselves" type game and a team game. I AM NOT 100% SURE THIS IS THE TRUTH SO I DIDNT SAY IT WAS...ITS JUST WHAT I WAS TOLD!
  9. thats when the game is released... and I heard 10 PM GMT but i dont know what that time is on the east coast
  10. ive been waiting but it still hasnt come out so i dont know
  11. Ok, this may be random...but i was wondering if you could actually communicate with like the police oporators when you call them from your cell phone in GTA IV. that would be out of this world if you could.
  12. it depends on your location and there location...your 8:01 pm on April 28th could be thier 12:01 am on April 29th
  13. yeah...thats what i thought too
  14. i was watching the GTA IV trailer #1 things will be different and i noticed (at about 00:31 to be exact) that there was a kid with a backpack on. I thought R* would never put kids in this game. Check it out...it looks like a kid to me. (edit) at about 00:29 you might want to pause it and click ahead very slowly because it is VERY hard to to see it.
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