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  1. Thanks for your input, but although my bike is a different frame, i wrote down the parameters for the nrg and changed them back to that so the physics are the same, the only difference is my bike is a suzuki and perhaps might have a few extra polygons. I'm not sure how to get a better quality picture as i did exactly what the tutorial told me to do :S. In my videos i try not to use packers and instead use the scenery for my stunts, only till i get better at using packers, or when my computer decides to leave the packer where i left it and not remove it (most annoying). The next vid will be better, and i'll put different music on it for ya .
  2. This is my first stunt video, I've only been doing this for about a week or so but i'm quite impressed. Any feedback or recommendations greatly accepted so I can make my next one better. Also, any votes greatly appreciated
  3. All of my mods are indeed visual, when i installed the vehicle mods i opened up my ultimate editor and changed the stats back to exactly how they were before the mods where installed, thus making them purely bitmap changes, I even put double exhaust back on my bike even though it only has a single.
  4. I was just wondering, what mods are acceptable for stunting? At present I have a custom car (Veilside Supra), a custom bike (GSX-R 1000), custom roads, and a custom skin (Lakers top, Adidas trainers and Evisu jeans). In a car is it possible to use Nos and Hydrolics? I HATE using cars anyway but need to know. Also if I use a trainer to make my bike everything proof and remove the traffic is that cheating? All my mods are purely visual, except the everything proof vehicle and the no traffic mod. I assume spawning is allowed due to the amount of videos I've seen with base jumping cars.
  5. Hello, I'm new here too, I don't have regular internet access but I have a video for upload as soon as i can find a song to go with it. I quite like it but I've only been stunting a few days.
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