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  1. So long

    Yeh, it wasn't really advertising, it's an empty forum i use for uploading files. Sorta like my personal database... But yeah, whatever. And why did you remove the soldat link? It's not a forum.
  2. So long

    For all of you who don't know me, I was an old member on these boards. Yesiree, i had me some good times. But I got throught phases you see, and i switch to different forums and crowds every 2 or 3 months or so. I do this for, strangely, no apparent reason. So i guess this is goodbye to most of you folks. I've got msn though, and i currently have over 30 m8's from a large sum of forums. Feel free to add me. All the money i was saving in the bank (which has now likely tripled in value) may go to marc, and he may see fit what to do with it. There was probly at least $50000. so farewell, and I'll se ya on soldat if you ever go online. and chris, there are more smilies i've created at my retarded, empty forum. check em out! [link removed] EDIT: i just heard that you aren't redeeming anybody's dollars, chris. Bull$hit!!!!!111111