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  1. okay I don't have the no-cd patch on and downgraded, however I am still having the problems.
  2. I guess I don't. I just don't like hurting the cd. but I guess I don't need it then.
  3. Okay I think I know whats happening, I installed the patch about last week, and then I applied a version of 1.0 no-cd crack, and now the patch can't detect which version I have, so If I uninstall it and then reinstall and apply the patch and the mod, I should be good, However, then I will need a good no-cd crack. Am I right?
  4. Hello I am trying to get hot coffee to work because I want to see what hell the big News event was and whenever I get to the question of coffee with the girlfriends I always get a blank screen and the program quits on me, and then when I get to go dancing with them I get a blank screen so I was just wondering how do I fix this, I already downgrade to V1.1. Also I am trying to get the speed meter to work and it pops up with I don't have at least directx 9 when I have 9.0c installed. Thank you guys
  5. DFE


    Hi I am interested in making some plane modifications mainly new planes to put into the San Andreas, and I have downloaded Zmoldlor and I have jassc paint shop Pro and I was wondering how do I upload blue prints into Zmoldor and how to start making the plane models? Thanks ahead of time.
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