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Found 1 result

  1. We heard the other day that one of the great human beings of our lifetime has passed away as well this week. Along with shocking news of Paul Walker's death, and hearing more about how kind, giving, and generous he was, it's also historically significant, the contributions of African imprisoned freedom leader Nelson Mandela was. Nelson was the "American" name his teacher gave him many years ago, but most people know him by that name. He spent nearly 20 years in jail, and died in his 90s, but he was a changed man in part from his time spent behind bars, it was reported that as a militant leader for change and revolution in his youth, he might have carried out acts causing causalities considered collateral damage as most terrorists are known for, in making their point toward a cause, that jail might have saved him from doing something rash, and his change during that time in his life, 30s and 40s, made an impression on everyone he met, including his captors. His words ring much like Ghandi's do. He was a true beacon for PEACE in our time, and inspiration to all races. One man's impact so profound, many feel we won't see anyone of his stature again in our life time. If only everyone could try and encompass some of that greatness and pass it along! Make the World a much better place, he's proof, one person can make a major difference!!
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