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Found 1 result

  1. Sam and Dan Houser's new way of running Rockstar studio, dubbed Rockstar North primarily, an outsider from World and USA game maker politics found out the hard way, your own way doesn't always work best..... HOT COFFEE as a hidden mini-sex game unearthed July 20th 2005 this month in history caused the most angst and difficulty for the somewhat fledglinged company in all of it's history. It didn't help that Rockstar even as DMA with GTA's first introduction...pre-introduction of it's top down classic... courted Controvesy that was rather contrived at the time, due to connections and an idea that word of mouth rumor could aid the game growth outside of the normal avenue of advertisment. I was reminded of what Hot Coffee represented and it's now 10 year discovery thanks to a new USA Terrestrial DTV broadcasting channel part of our local CBS channel expanding (for the first time) to TWO channels on digital broadcast (former restructuring of analog UHF and VHF TV airwaves to digital convention) That channel is called 'Decades' and took some time getting going, for more then a month it had no sound and offered VERY old black and white programming, much of what it still does, but with main host Bill Curtis, hosts and hour dedicated to World events that happened on 'this day in history'. The HC report they had was condensed with not as much on Rockstar and the Housers or the real story of Hot Coffee but how it effected video games evolution over all. As I started this article, I mention the origins of Rockstar and DMA don't take into account video ratings as they stood for years prior. Their main mission was moving video game evolution beyond where it had even been, but didn't do themselves ANY favors by staying 'clothed mouthed' and secretive, in fact the backlash against GTA putting them as 'deer in the headlights' made them more secretive then ever, and that sadly continues to this very day!! I was there watching Rockstar evolve prior to San Andreas even coming out, and I remember flat denial that Hot Coffee was there, this was confused by what we, even as outside fans knew, and the idea of user mods, and Patrick who found the hidden code, basically accused of creating a mod, rather then finding one the studio created, this was the perception without his input, which put the spotlight back on Rockstar and exactly what was Hot Coffee embedded within GTA SA