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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Fellow Gamers Im TheMahano, own a youtube network!, The Network is Called Inicio Entertainment and Is Under a company called ForelaDigital, Cool stuff about us: - Talk to all our partners on Skype if they want - All Partners receive a partner adviser - Can have networks under our name - Reply within 2 days - Cool website - Friendly fun Staff that treats you as friends not clients Whats special about us is that we can do 3 different types of partnerships, these are: Full Partnership Get Full Partnership features for your channel and gain all sorts of help - Full Youtube Features - Partner Adviser - Dashboard - Music Libary - No cap CPM (Earn as much as you want) - GFX Help Sub-Partnership You dont meet the requirements for full partnership? sign up for sub partnership and we will help your channel get the features/requirements for Full Partnership - Help on how to get full partnership - Help on growth of your channel - Partnered as soon as you meet our requirements - Partner adviser - Help with branding Network Aggregation Always wanted to own your own network? Want a network under inicio entertainment? Sign Up Now - Earn money from partners - We partner you hub channel - Free website for your network - Discount on a domain name - Help if u need any - Partners receive Full Partnership - Partners have access to our dashboard More Info On Partner Advisers A partner adviser is someone that is assigned a couple of partners/sub partners and will help them out with there channel, answer all there questions, have friendly convos with our partners and treat you as a friend. Want To Apply For Any Of These Things Check out our website and Click Here: http://www.inicioent.com LOOKING FOR MUSIC TO PUT IN OUR DASHBOARD Skype me: Finchman13 If you need any more information: Reply To This Post Email Me: [email protected] Skype: Finchman13 CHECK OUT http://www.inicioent.com
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