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Found 1 result

  1. Are you looking for a SA-MP server or a friendly & growing FiveM server? Then you should try - Welcome to Los Santos [WTLS] Servers of GTA-MP.CZ What GTA-MP.CZ has to offer for you? We offer Game Servers for Grand Theft Auto V via the FiveM client, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas via the SA-MP client We offer Game servers - for Czech, Slav & English players. We offer excellent game features on all the servers we host We offer features that are most related to original game; most loved things by GTA players that Rockstar Games has offered And lastly, we've active player base & best Anit-Cheat & Administration Team that monitors the server 24/7 to fight against cheater & eliminate them for a fair gameplay for fair players who really want to enjoy the best multiplayer experience we've to offer! ⊙Some of the things we feature on our game servers, that you can know right now are - Events; Events helds every 15 minutes on our active game servers. That are TDMs, Battle Royale, fun games - puzzle ones, Races, Survival. Plus, we got some exciting custom events that are held by Administrators. ⊙Awesome gamemodes - We're RP community, you can freeroam, do crimes, play with your friends with awesome features & more. ⊙Players love to do - We feature gangs, gangs leadership & gangs war on our newly FiveM server & our SAMP servers. Join any gang & skill up, start gang war. We feature organization from GTA Online - You can create organization, hire members, do CEO Works that can be purchased as business & do CEO Challenges with your members who have to protect you. ⊙You can plan heist & execute it with your friends. Start doing setups & execute heists from your purchased hotels or from your house. ⊙Computers & Mobile Phones - You can have access to Computers which offers Internet where you can buy stock shares, exchange crypto curreny - mine from datacenter, Buy vehicles & more things from Computer. From phone you can message someone, Call special characters for missions & buying some item, locate around the map using GPS. ⊙Jobs - We got 45 different jobs on our SAMP servers & more upcoming ones on our FiveM servers. You can start police job, Taxi where you can transport players around you, Drug Couriers, Valet, Undertaker where you've to transport dead bodies to graveyard, Paramedics where you can treat players who have been hurt. ⊙Vehicles & Customizations - You can buy vehicles from Computer using the internet, CarShowroom, import vehicles, Game Shop on game or on our website GTA-MP.CZ. Customize them on Los Santos Customs or other Car Workshop. ⊙Business - You can stand your empire by growing a business; Buy Car Workshop, Datacenter & mine crypto currency, Warehouse where you can trade goods for profit, Buy properties which will generate revenues for you, Farm weeds & sell them, Make meths from methlab & sell them to players or dealers. For more, check the Server Guide on our Website - GTA-MP.CZ - https://www.gta-multiplayer.cz/en Also, our server links - s1.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 for Czech, Slav - s2.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 & s3.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 for English cfx.re/join/ej46gb - FiveM for Czech - cfx.re/join/objpqy for English Hope you you will enjoy on our servers!
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