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modding cars

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how can you change the cars colours and specs in GTA3? I've installed a Hummer skin for the cartel cruiser and i'd like to change the colour of it from blue to black and the engine to make it go faster. Also is there a way to make cars invincible?

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Ok, there are certain variables which may change with downloaded vehicles...

The hummer skin might be carcoled or have a bodymap

The Former: Open your carcols.dat and edit it, it isn't too hard to under stand, just look through and it shouldn't be too hard ;)

The Latter: Open up the TXD with TXD Workshop and extract the bodymap. Open it up with some program like Photoshop, and change its Hue/Satuaration to make it blue. Put it back in the TXD and then into the img!

To make it go faster you need to change the handling.cfg, I'm pretty sure there are some tools out there that do this for you. If not, the handling.cfg is well documented and aslong as you read everything, it shouldn't be too hard to understand ;)

There might be a way to make cars invincible with GTA3 Admin Console....Do a quick google search ;)

handling.cfg and carcols.dat both open with notepad by the way

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