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HELP for owners of PS2 version of VCS *RAMPAGES*

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I am 98.6% complete, i have to do Hyman Memorial ODT and one more rampage.

Its the rampage which is supposed to be located at the top of some stairs in Downtown up from ammunation on the way to Prawn Island. For some reason when i go to that spot, the rampage icon is not there. Ive tried walking through the spot where it should be, and even starting a new game to see if it there, with no luck.

I dont mean the one across the road from ammunation either, its supposed to be at the top of stairs halfway between ammunation and prawn island, i think its next door to the VNN building.

Just wondering if this rampage has disappeared in other PS2 versions or if it is just me.

Ive been to virtually every site which explains where to find rampages, but nothing that says they have been taken out in the crossover (from PSP to PS2), just that 5 were added.

HELP has anyone had the same trouble???

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