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How to install cars into GTA3

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Note: For this tutorial, I'm going to use the 1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 mod as the example.

Step 1. Cut a hole in a box Get the proper software

To install car modifications in GTA3 you'll need several pieces of software. These applications will assist you in installing the car's files into the archive.

Install the first two pieces of software, then continue to step 2.

Step 2. Install the .dff and .txd file into gta3.img

To do this, simply use IMG Tool to open the gta3.img file (which is usually located in C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTAIII/models) and use the 'Find' option to locate the proper files (in this case, stinger.dff/.txd) Rename the files to back them up (i.e. name them stinger2.txd/.dff) and then add the files from the download to the archive

Step 3. Replace the original handling lines with the proper ones included with the mod (Please see backup note at the bottom of the guide before doing this)

This is part of the Camaro Z28's readme file:

default.ide copy this line in instead of original

92, stinger, stinger, car, STINGER, STINGER, executive, 10, 6, 2ff0, 89, 0.75

carcols add these colors just like this

165,38,1 # 95 som1 orange

12,14,107 # 96 navyblue blue

222,218,37 # 97 supyellow yellow


then make the stinger line look like this

stinger, 98,73, 1,0, 1,1, 97,0, 0,98, 98,98

the secondary color has to be white(or 1 lol)

the primary can be anything

and now handling.cfg

STINGER 1500.0 1.8 4.9 1.3 0.0 0.0 -0.55 60 1.0 0.75 0.52 5 160.0 41.0 R P 10.8 0.60 1 30.0 1.5 0.13 0.6 0.45 85000 0.20 -0.12 0.5 A101 0 1

Now the important part of this readme is the data lines. Look carefully. He says to replace the default line for the stinger car in default.ide with this:

92, 	stinger, 	stinger, 	car, 	STINGER, 	STINGER, 		executive, 	10, 6,	2ff0,	89, 0.75

To do so, simply open Notepad, then drag default.ide into it. Press Control+F, type "stinger," and when you find the line, replace it with the one above. Repeat this process with the corresponding codes and files until you've replaced the correct lines in all necessary files for the mod to work correctly.

Once you replace all lines, install the model and texture file, and do anything else as required by the readme, you should be able to fire up GTA3 and see the Camaro.

Another possibility is that some mods will include handling.cfg/default.ide/carcols.dat files which already have the lines correctly altered, instead of just putting the lines in a readme file. This can be convenient, but could also be bad because, obviously, multiple mods can all have their own data files. So if this is the case, simply open up the data file included with the mod, copy the necessary line from the mod's file into the one in your game directory. This enables you to have as many car mods as possible without uninstalling some to use others.

A note about backing up: Please backup all data files including default.ide, handling.cfg, and carcols.dat before changing lines/values, because fucking it up without backing it up means reinstalling GTA3.

Guide will be updated as needed with more information.

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