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    I used to yell at Spaz and he used to yell at me. Are we friends now? Maybe, at least good enough to pwn eachother on Twisted Metal. Mvi and I used to fight in a sarcasticly, now we're good friends. Chris has called me an egotist twice on these forums now, but we still agree about skinning people who want to ban GTA and our thoughts on lesbians. The GTA Place forums-Proof that you can fight with someone and end up best friends!

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  1. When I found out about this I bought it right away. I've got some screenshots of this for you guys from the Android version. Downloading from the Market... When you open the game the first time you get this. (This is downloading over LTE ) New Menu! Gameplay. On-screen controls, it does support some USB controllers though. Touch-modified GTA3 UI, with improvements. You swipe across the weapons icon to change weapons, you swipe the radio station name to change stations, and you swipe the map to access it. "Mission loading" screen, not sure if it will change on the different islands i.e. Staunton, Shoreside Vale. "Mission Passed" screen, looks identical to GTA3 Save is the same! This is pretty much a straight port from what I've played. Head Radio starts right at the beginning, all the audio sounds good. I also heard some missions might change a little to be optimized for mobile controls. What icon looks like, IMO the label should just be GTAIII, but the full label is "GTA3 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY" These screenshots are in native resolution (you might have to click to enlarge), and the game runs pretty well on my phone (HTC Rezound). Because of the pixel density, I don't see the slight aliasing when playing on the phone. Bugs I've noticed: Game freezes, then resumes when changing the volume level via the hardware button In addition, if you change volume or take a screenshot during a cutscene, the cutscene audio usually goes silent Taking a screenshot sometimes causes the game to lag when taking the picture It seems that there is less traffic than GTA3, but more pedestrians (?) The game crashes when exiting from the menu, I have to force close it Overall it's a really solid game, these bugs aren't game-breaking and as I said it runs well for me. Audio sounds good and graphics look touched up from the PC version a bit, other than the aliasing. Recommend, just make sure you have a supported device. I'll upload more screenshots in a bit. EDIT: More Screenshots Replays are back! Cutscene. This time you get a full map! Here's a few various gameplay shots:
  2. It should be the entire state. Interstate 5 makes an appearance. There is a road with windmills along another road. This could be Interstate 8, which has similar windmills IRL: I8 goes from San Diego to Arizona...
  3. Seriously, wow! That feeling of undying anticipation for a video game just came back again.
  4. This 1000x this! I only wish the RTM didn't have an expiration date. Also IE8 really isn't a bad browser. I personally don't use it because of Firefox's extensions and whatnot but it is seriously a step-up from IE7 and especially 6, it conforms to web standards now which is nice.
  5. Yes, I like them a lot better. Some people have had access to that URL for quite a while, I've seen people with the 'new' profiles for several months. They do look nicer and display information more intuitively, for example, for a user who uploads Photoshop tutorials, it's helpful because they can create a category playlist of related videos and the person can watch them all, without going to another page.
  6. Uninstall it and use a program like CCleaner to remove all its registry entries. Then reinstall.
  7. I've been using the betas/RCs for quite a while. It is a very nice browser. The reason that Firefox is better than Chrome, Safari, and Opera is extensions. Sure, Chrome is a fine browser and all, but that means nothing without great extensions like Adblock/Noscript, DownThemAll, and countless other addons.
  8. You're using DVI and not VGA right? Besides settings, perhaps you could try another cable or use your onboard and see if the problem occurs then. The cable could definitely be faulty.
  9. chris82

    My New PC

    No. That makes no sense. Get a 4850 or something.
  10. chris82

    My New PC

    And by that logic, when Intel stuck two dual-cores on a single chip, it was a true quad-core. Also the Q9xxx architecture is growing old. Why would you get that?
  11. chris82

    My New PC

    Pretty nice system, I don't like nVidia at all but it's your money. Also that contrast ratio...good but it's probably dynamic based on the colors your monitor is displaying, meaning it won't always give a contrast ratio that high. Still, it's good especially for LCDs.
  12. No offense but CSS and XHTML are pretty much the easiest modes of 'code' that exist, they are simple and easy to learn. It's not a good practice to depend on the machine to write code for you. And even if you do, there's this little thing called XHTML export which is built into Photoshop and essentially does the same thing.
  13. Please introduce yourself here.
  14. Laptops aren't good for gaming. At all. They can't be upgraded, they have inherently slower components than desktops, and they are much more expensive. If you must have a laptop, check out something like this. But again, you would be able to get a much better performing desktop for that price. Also Macs can run Windows (just like PCs can run OSX).
  15. I downloaded it as well, tomorrow when I have more time I will install it. It sounds like it's going to be awesome! The beta builds were so I don't think it will be worse.
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