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Modify my radio station

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Hey Guys

I tried to modify my radio station K-Jah to play some of my Raggae songs and my own adverts and stuff. I made a KJAH.wav file so I can replace the original one in the audio file.

My problem is that my file now does not play. Even all the other radio stations dont work anymore. Can you tell me exactly how are the radio stations labelled in the audio file?

eg. KJAH.wav or kjah.wav or K Jah.wav do the CAPS matter?

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I dont know what could be causing that.

Maybe it's the coding, and that on the radio you made.

Try to make it match EXACTLY the game's one, like the Rate, channels, Etc.

If that doesnt work, I suggest reinstalling the game, or restoring backup, if ya made a backup, and convert the radio ya made to MP3, and put it in the Custom Songs folder.

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