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Things To Come...


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This Information Is Based On The Screenshots Rockstar Have Given Us.

You Will Still Need To Eat To Live. But Don't Eat To Much. Mmmmmm! Cluckin' Bell Is In The Game!

Drink Plenty Of Sprunk! Lap It All Up To Gain Energy.

With All Those Tall Buildings There Must Be A Parachute In The Game!

Air Transport Is Supposed To Be Better. But If You Have No Flying Skill You Can Just Hang Onto The Bottom Of The Helicopter.

Strip Clubs May Be Included.

Fighting Moves Will Get Better. Think 'True Crime'.

Exporting Cars May Be Included As A Sub-Mission.

Wall Creeping. And More Realistic Deaths.

Abillity To Change Clothes. Faster Loading Times And A Bigger Map?

Secret Underwater Places?

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