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    [SA]Furniture Mod

    This mod allows you to place furniture in your savehouse or abandoned buildings xP. Using the very advanced in-game placer you can move, rotate and edit the height of your object. You are able to buy them first from 24-7 and then place them in certain interiors. You can even delete ones you've previously placed! FEATURES: x = Comin soon. - = Already included. - Buy furniture and place in your home. - The amount of objects placable is infinite. (Although game may take pressure if 400+ are placed ) - Move, rotate and change the height of your objects for a perfect fit. - Advanced Text Draw displays easy on-screen instructions for a nice experience. - Rotating objects in 24-7 so you can see exactly what you are buying. - Pricing was custom-set by me in a manor that will make earning cash in GTA a bit trickier - Messages displayed when you do not have enough money. - Messages attempt to suit GTA's common charm - Placed objects will be remembered by the game permenantly. - You are able to delete all (dynamic) objects in interiors. (Be careful not to delete objects you did not create! They may not be replacable.) - Place your object by simply walking around. Object is visible (and lit up) during placement. - Pick up your object even after you have placed it. - The 'Item No.' displays the objects model. Very useful for modders. x More interiors will be selected so you can place objects in more areas. x More objects will be added including plants, model guns and gun displays. x Improved movement of objects. x Changable views to allow you to get different angles on your item. x An optional addition of placing your object in a different way. (Extra Note: I am thinking of making a mod that enables you to do actions on all sorts of objects depending on their model. Which means you can do alot of stuff with your objects. This however, will be a seperate mod but will be included with the Furniture mod and of course, the CLEO Trainer.) BUGS: - Rotation of the objects is centered around a corner axis of some objects meaning they dont rotate on the spot. It's as if they were on the side of a rotating platform instead of in the middle. There's probably a way to solve this. Modders? Any tips? - That's it! There aren't really any bugs so far. This game is very unlikely to crash or mess up. Still, it is highly reccommended you save on a new slot. Objects are saved with the game and I'm still unsure of the long term effects! Notes: I'd just like to say that it took 2 whole days (inc. nights) to make this Which aint long considering how well it turned out but I think I may be taking a little break. Especially since it's christmas at the time of writing. Also, sorry I've been away for a while. Internet has been off thanks to our good friends, TalkTalk. Although if it wasn't for that then I may not have created this... Full info in the readme inc screenshots! ---===DOWNLOAD===--- FurnMod.zip
  2. Hi, Since im bored to death at the moment with everything I try to do going wrong. I thought i'd help all of you out. I've just completed SA 100% for about the 6th time!! Help So if your stuck or want anything done in the game just simply give me your save file and I will get past it! (24 Hour Gurantee!) I can complete all levels in a day and get 100% in an extra 5 hours (Approx.) I can get past single levels for you or get past multiple levels. I can also complete all schools and collect all tags, oysters ect... Personalized Save Files Just give me your savegame and I can mod it to make it have a different name... e.g: 'End Of The Line' to 'Your Name!' Since I know every single location of every single weapon. I can get weapons for you and even get rid of brass knuckles if you want. I can also get you the dildos and vibrators that can never be found in the game... (By changing save data) I can get you to any save location (Safehouse) and make your muscle, fat, stanima, skils ect. increase or decrease... I can buy all clothes for you and enable hot coffee without the need for any mods! I can get you money and increase the amount of days played for. I can take you back levels meaning if you've unlocked everything I can still make it so you cant get past LV without 4 stars. I can do this the other way too... I can re-enable gang wars and LS Riots and get rid of Wasted/Busted messages. Mods!! As I said. I can enable hot coffee in your game (Although I don't support it) without effecting main.scm . I can make 1 minute last 1 minute instead of 1 second! So I can make your game the same speed as real time or slower or faster! I can give you custom cars that can spawn anywhere you want and soon I will be able to give you ones with custom licence plates (Although after I do, your other saves may not work. I can create new gang areas! With the gangs: Grove Street, Ballas, Los Santos Vagos... I can also edit the population. Price All free although donations are always accepted! UPDATE: I now do customized lisence plates!!! Just tell me which car you want and what colour and where you want it parked and I will make it for you!!!
  3. Deji

    Ultimate CLEO Trainer

    I typed the below first... But I have now decided for you people with sore eyes... I'll give a lil quick list of what the below explains in detailed mode Spawn Cars. Change car colour/paintjob. Use 'Speed Keys' to gain full control of your vehicle. (Get from one side of map to other in 15 secs) Add/Remove Hydraulics and add Nitro! Add multiple car bombs (As many as desired) to your car and detonate them with 10 second timer! Take over the world and hack the CIA database. Take over San Andreas and control the game! Activate functions in the game without having to Alt+Tab! Easy interface. Game will go slow-mo while using menu so you dont waste precious in-game time. View all the cheats for the game and have the abillity to type them in slow-mo so you can enter a cheat faster than ever! Activate and deactivate any mods you've downloaded into custom slots! No CLEO knowledge required. Do all this and lots more! All without having to start up trainers and alt+tab out of the game! Change gravity, time, day and your stats! Teleport to places of interest or choose on the map where you want to go. The trainer is also a modpack of sorts... Many of my mods will be featured as add-ons to this trainer. Okay. Time to post my Work-In-Progress mod. Trainers are great as exe's but I find they usually lack some features and they also waste pc memory, require lots of alt+tabbing (Making gta open up slower each time) AND they dont run automatically when you start the game... Also, compatibillity with trainers has been a problem for me. Recently, the best trainer ever (GTASA Console) has stopped working on my PC even if I reinstall. So for that reason, I decided to look into how much I could do with CLEO. And it turns out, quite alot! At first I thought this was going to be a failure but after much coding and learning a few things... I carried on coding a script that changed your cars colour and paintjobs. It went well! I found that it was really simple, especially using external CLEO Scripts that are loaded by the main CLEO Trainer. So, I made a car spawner and took in some ideas from other trainers and coded them with a 90% success rate! So, now I've done quite alot and am onto the 2nd and 3rd parts of the trainer which handle the player and tells you cheats Unfortunately, due to some difficulty with memory hacking... I couldn't quite make the cheats auto-activate when you select them... But, it does something which I think is better instead... It gives you the cheats so that you can type them in yourself. PLUS, the trainer sets the game to mega-slow-mo (Almost paused) which means, you can find the cheat you want and type it in about 1.2 second in game time! The trainer runs .cs scripts in a subfolder which activate certain things and then close themselves. There's a few bugs but I find most correct themselves or are easy to work-around. Some scripts stay active until you toggle them off again (Via the Trainer's Menu) and let you do certain things while they are active. The thing I love about this above previous CLEO Trainers... Is that hotkeys are a done deal. There aren't really many hotkeys. You just press Ctrl + Backspace to open the friendly menu and select what you want. The only time there are hotkeys are if you enable them, or if you enable a function that lets you do things while the game is in play... Such as the 'Speed Keys' I've added which let you go fast in your car and jump it. Similar to GTASA Console although it may be harder to control... But it's pretty fun anyway Also, I'm working on a feature that lets you add CLEO Mods you've downloaded to the Trainers scripts directory... Then, you can actually load those mods with the trainer. What does this mean? Well, this means you can turn CLEO Scripts on and off without restarts of your game! You no longer have to reload your save game and you can add CLEO Mods while the game is in play. Wonderful, don't you agree? Bugs aren't too bad with this. I've only ever encountered 1 crash and 1 annoying thing... The 1 crash is when you try to open doors/boots/bonits of certain cars with certain things missing... But it's pretty rare. The annoying thing is that sometimes, the game will 'Forget' your car and render 'Speed Keys' or 'Guns on Car' scripts useless unless you reactivate them. Again, not something to worry about. Yes, this trainer does have the guns on car script... So, this is quite a breakthrough. I'm sure modders may find it pretty interesting too. And, I'm sure alot of people will perfer this to the average .exe running trainer... Also, a lil 'treat' for modders will be the fact that the trainer can activate/deactivate their mods on the fly. The problem would be, that some scripts wouldn't work well with the activate/deactivate function... But that also shouldn't be much of a problem. Ever wanted the 'Super CJ' mod but didn't want to have that power bar be there all the time? Ever wanted that script that makes your gun do something... But also wanted it to be the way it is without the mod? Well, this trainer should be the solution. Can't wait to post the done deal and hear your views on this mod. I'm not going to release many BETA's too soon as I want the first release to be feature packed. Any tips on what to add or if any expirienced modders wanna give a few tips... I'm more than greatful. I want this to be something that can really help alot of problems with using 20 different trainers, just to get the desired effect. Oh, and JUST in case you may be wondering... This trainer spawns cars and can control gravity... Okay, enough typing First BETA - 100% Complete... v0.6 BETA - 100% Complete... Version 1.0 - 70% Complete... Q: Why do you say it's one of the best trainers? It's not even a trainer!! A: The technical term for a trainer, is something that edits game values to make it easier. Which this does. [WIKI=Cheating_(video_games)#Trainers]Wikipedia[/WIKI]. But, the problem with memory address hacking is, although it may be able to do just about anything... There are alot of things that are unique to this style of coding and CLEO. Also, this is packed with more features than any other trainer I've seen... So unless you can find a better one (Link please ) then this remains as one of or, simply... The best trainer for GTA San Andreas.
  4. Deji

    GTA 5?

    What makes you think it's gonna be called GTA 5? I just got the feeling the next GTA would be a "GTA _____". Also, it'd be GTA V
  5. You gotta be kidding me!? Chinatown Wars? I saw this on a site and thought they were crazy... Not that I don't like China but I'd think it'd hit Japan before Chinatown even if it meant that it wasn't set in America. Chinatown is in San Andreas as the smallest town to exist xD Anyway... Any word on the prognatist? And is it only on Nintendo? Not PC? Looks funny. xD
  6. Deji

    Let's make a bet!

    I'm bored. So I'll make a bet against everyone who thinks otherwise that GTA V will not be set in Vice City! Seeing as that's what most of you believe, I think it's a bet that would be considered as having low odds, eh? God my new found gambling habbits... Anyway, if my bet looses and it is set in Vice City. I will allow you ALL to send me 1 private message of abuse and face-rubbing. Hehe, being adventurous is fun. I really think I should get something if I win, though. Hmm... This is being posted in other GTA Forums too except GTAG (my own. I can't have masses of PM's sent to me there, my inbox there is just too important!). So I'd really hate to loose this bet!
  7. Deji

    Motion Sensitive GTA?

    Due to the latest release of the motion sensitive Xbox360 controlly thing which I'm sure most of you have heard of (info in my sig if you haven't)... I'm wondering if Rockstar will find this a nice addition to future GTA games... I could imagine having to punch at the screen to beat your enemies n stuff. I know we speculated this for the Wii but never actually thought much of it but considering their failure with Chinatown wars... A FULLY motion sensitive game would be great! You could shoot people with just literally your fingers and yeah... It would definately make me like GTA again So... Considering their bond with microsoft and their strange decision of making a GTA on the DS... Will they go for the jackpot and make one of the best, first games for this new creation?
  8. That's right, not "GTA: Vigilante Justice"... Need a proper logo. It's been a long time since I was here! Links GTAForums topic (it looks better )Official Development Thread Deji on Twitter Deji on Youtube Videos (Gas Grenades turned into Stun Grenades).(*SPOILER*) Animations If I could get some more help with this, I would cry tears (of joy) [current helpers: ceedj (thanks for that, by the way)] A bit much to ask for maybe... but at least I'm not aiming for a total conversion that involves new peds, cars and maps etc. My goals are considerably realistic. If you need to contact me about helping with the mod, use GTAForums' email feature. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. If anyone has any tips on making the topic look better, that'd be great. It will probably help to remove the spoiler tags, which I can do one I get the help.
  9. Deji

    [WIP|SA] Vigilante Justice

    Yeah, it's exclusive to Vigilante Justice
  10. Deji

    [WIP|SA] Vigilante Justice

    Any help would be great. A proper VJ Logo might make the mod look more professional (for those who don't understand the professionalism in C++ ).
  11. Where are yooouuuuu? :o

  12. Deji

    Womens Rights

    Are womens rights fair? I'd like to think people have progressed in the last few years and from my view, women seem to have fair rights. But I was wondering what anyone else thought. Btw, my sig aint offending anyone right?
  13. Here, you can have a massive discussion about stuff like: How was the world created? Is the big bang theory true? Is evolution true? Have we been created by some higher power? (God) Why are we here? What is beyond the universe? Basically, just theories of our existance and such. I'll start by saying that no matter what, there is no real way to know why we are here and what the purpose of our existance is. But let's have a bash, eh?
  14. Vigilante JusticeModellers Required GTAG Productions is in dire need of map modellers for the Vigilante Justice mod for San Andreas. If you are good with making maps, specifically buildings, reply with an example of your work (if any) or email deji{a t}gtag.gtagaming{d o t}com
  15. I assume this was since the update. Basically, you need to update the main TGTAP pages where it would display "0 New PM's" regardless of how many PM's you have. Probably should've mentioned this a while ago, when I noticed it
  16. I believe in not believing anything. Because we will never know what created the universe. Still, it's fun to think that the universe was created either by some sort of god or the big bang, yet something would've had to have created them both. But maybe that's just where our human minds stop us from knowing. Maybe things don't have to be created to exist, no matter how confusing that might be to us. Ever watched the show "The Big Bang Theory"? Gives a few fun thoughts on stuff like this. EDIT: The meaning of David Beckham, Bill Gates or Jade Goody will forever be a mystery.
  17. Deji

    GTA the movie.

    I'm gonna wait for the Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia movies to be released before I say whether games based on movies suck or not. Those movies should be so good when they're finally released. A GTA movie would be perfect if I wrote the script But overall I think there have been too many games to make a movie based on them. And besides, most of the GTA games are based on movies anyway.
  18. Vigilante Justice, still in progress. Also made some more great features.

  19. oh yeah, they did :P

  20. Deji

    CJ Surfer

    The one I uploaded didn't work, it's fixed now, though Re-download.
  21. Deji

    CJ Surfer

    TGTAP, due to my forgetfulness, I might not update/check this topic too frequently. Sorry I wasn't going to release this script until I fixed and added the new features which would increase the movement that you are able to do. However, I'm having serious troubles getting them to work, so here it is for now. If any modders are expirienced with sine or cosine or simply know how to add more rotation to the surfboard, they are urged to help me with this damned thing! Lol... Put cjsurf.cs in your "cleo" folder (with CLEO installed). Type "surf" in while playing and you'll be on your magical flying surfboard. Movement acts kinda like the jetpack. "Sprint" = raises you. "Jump" = lowers you. "Up" = Accelerate "Down" = Brake "Left" = Turn left. "Right" = Turn right. If you are above ground, you will slowly lower over time. If you are in movement, you will also slow down to a halt. It works just like a car in this way. If you are close to ground, you will stay on it as if you were riding on the ground. However, if you come to a large enough gap, you will simply continue forward (flying). [sCREENSHOT] - [DOWNLOAD]
  22. Expect spoilers! Tell us what your doing on GTA 4. I loved GTA IV is cool. And the ending...
  23. Deji

    All My Mods...

    Some news just for you guys: I'm working on a very cool mod. Okay, news over But seriously, you'll love it