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OPM GTA IV Preview

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I just received my OPM April Issue (Use to be called PSM). I have not read the magazine just yet but I will post the information someone else posted at GTAForums, but did not have the scans: 1 new screeenshot of Niko in the Subway.

"Pedestrians Seemingly have thousands of lines of dialogue

When asked about how the game begins VP of development Jeronimo Barrera says, "it sets up your position as an immigrant"

"The cast of characters guesstimated at being in the hundreds by Jeronimo

Jeronimo states "We want this game to last for years. Im sure we'll do another GTA some time in the future, but this one is built to last" They also mention that the PS3 will most likely have their own form of DLC as well.

Any problems with the PS3 version have been addressed and fixed. Sony tech. was there to help.

The euphoria engine goes as far as Niko actually stepping up onto a curb and onto a dead body (think captain morgan).

"Shots can penetrate some walls"

Knife: "one slash across the face was enough to drop a bad guy"

Firetrucks are confirmed. In the preview they state that they set a car on fire

call 911 for a firetruck

firetruck arrives, they steal it

start driving down the street shooting the water cannon

The Following scans are from me, Click to enlarge:





OPM also said, in their next issue they will have a Multiplayer Preview. And I haven't read the issue yet.

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