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Prince of Persia: Ghosts of the Past


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Well right now I'm in London and living with my cousin for a couple of days and he doesn't have many new games but he has the POP games and we've been playing them in the past couple of days so I decided to see if Ubisoft was ever going to make a fourth sequel. I guess they are, no info on Wikipedia but I found this thread in the GameSpot Forums where some guy posted quite a bit of info. Here's the link.

So there's two concept art pics at the link and two screenshots which could be early gameplay. Apparently it's going to be released for 360, PS3 and PC (possibly Wii?)

Prince of Persia game entitled "Ghosts of the Past" all that can be said is that the game takes place 2-3 years before the sands of time and before the prince came across the hourglass. Also it is said that the prince will have a new sidekick, a woman who has the ability to transform from spirit to human aiding the prince whos name has been announced AMIR. Ubisoft has put out 2 concept art photos one being the prince the other of the woman, 2 photos of the woman as a spirit and the title of the game as it will appear on the disc.

Well this is some pretty good news. Don't think there's any word on a release date but this would be a nice game to have (after GTA IV of course :P). I enjoyed playing the older POP games and having a POP game for next gen consoles would be pretty cool. Assassin's Creed was said to be like it, but it was completely different. What are your guys' thoughts?

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I'm just begging them to make it possible to skip cutscenes. It makes me go breserk when I have to watch the god damn cutscene every time before fighting a boss!!!!!!111!!!kill!!!1111!!111 I mean, it's logical you won't beat the boss from the first try (unless playing again), so why raping me with those boring cutscenes again and again and again. What a fucking waste of time.

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