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  1. I agree, they're pacing it pretty nicely. Game looks great, I got a lot of stuff to catch up on haha.
  2. ^ Could be right about the red convertible dude. Pretty excited that now we finally have a release date (season at least) and I just recently looked through all the latest news and screenshots, etc. Looks good!
  3. I'm back again after the long hiatus of GTA V info. The screenshots look pretty cool but what else is new around here?
  4. Add me up, I just sent in a request. Also, I'm getting a big fat paycheck tomorrow. Should I buy Max Payne 3?
  5. Cool beans dawg, reassured everyone's assumptions pretty much.
  6. Does anyone still play this? I'm down to download it if I can get some people to play with, haven't even touched the SA file on my computer yet.
  7. ^ I know that you're new, but this news is more than 5 years old man. Don't post on such old threads.
  8. ^ No kidding eh? Those sly fucks. Interesting read and yeah Chris, that script is fucking huge!
  9. I appreciate all this talk about Canada lately but according to that video Evo posted, this act would have an effect on the entire world. The guy pointed out that the U.S. has a strong control over Internet standards, rules and regulations and "sets precedents for Internet law around the globe which means censorship could become the new standard". And yeah I absolutely agree with you, if they wanted to, they could find 'copyright infringement' in every little spot that they decided to look. A whole range of websites could be shut down/highly censored because of this. Scary stuff.
  10. Artur


    Don't check gas prices too often since I don't drive and rarely pass the gas stations but it's something like $1.10 - $1.30 per litre. Expensive I know. One of my mom's close friend's husband is a truck driver actually. Does a lot of trips across Canada and back and forth trips to the States pretty often too.
  11. Haha yeah I downloaded the entire series off of Steam when it was on sale for like 12 bucks or something like that. So definitely going through the same thing right now although CS tends to get me distracted from time to time
  12. Artur


    Yeah Toronto has really hot and dry summers and usually snow filled and cold winters (although winter hasn't really come this year yet). Compared to Vancouver where the summers are pretty mild in comparison but still beach weather, and during the winters it rarely snows (if you remember the 2011 Winter Olympics). And much like Seattle, it rains A LOT, mainly during the fall though. Toronto is definitely the largest and most industrial city in Canada. I think the Greater Toronto Area (GTA ) swallows the Greater Vancouver Area like 3-5 times. As for the "very friendly, accepting people" that generally holds true. But like everyone has been saying, there are still a bunch of fuckheads here and there. Canadian history could take a while to learn but it might be a bit easier than the U.S. history since our country is only 144 years old.
  13. Wasn't too sure if this was the right place to post this but I'd figure this would do. I just wanted to let you guys know about this site I was told about a couple weeks back where you can get notes from hundreds of schools that are uploaded by students. Of course for this 'business' to work, there has to be some kind of profit involved so you do have to pay 'tokens' to get full access to notes. If you don't you can still get a good chunk of them from viewing the slightly blurry and shortened versions of them. And to earn tokens you can upload your own notes, set a 'token price' on them and see if they sell. You can also do referrals to earn tokens. So if you guys are interested check it out.
  14. Artur


    Well I've lived in Canada for 11 years now and it's been quite a pleasant experience. Moved here in 2000 from Kazakhstan and lived in Toronto for 5 years and then in Vancouver for 6 (now I'm back in Toronto for university). Overall, it's a pretty diverse country and ranges in demographics all over the place. From my experience I like Vancouver better mainly for the differences in the weather (milder summers and winters + 'fresher' air) and the difference in geography (beautiful mountains where you can ski/snowboard, beaches that you can actually swim in, etc). But then again I only experienced Toronto until I was 12 so my opinion could change in a couple years. Anything specific you want to know? I don't really know where to start. And I'm 18 now and in my first year of university so I'm just starting to get a feel for the job availability here and starting to pay closer attention to politics.
  15. Looks pretty interesting. Are any instructions or 'read me' files on installing/using the mod? I've never really worked with mods at all so I'm quite new to the whole thing.
  16. ^ That's what I was wondering too. Looks pretty sweet though.
  17. Uuuhh.... FPS war games are okay, but not GTA? You still kill people. And you can even still be the bad guy in war games. Yeah I guess that's the contradiction in my logic. Like Red Squirrel said, the older GTAs seem a bit more violent in some ways than GTA IV since you had access to chainsaws, katanas, hammers and whatnot. But one might argue that, that is just as violent (if not less) than calling in an airstrike or throwing a grenade to blow your enemies to pieces. I dunno I started playing games like Counter-Strike fairly young and I turned out alright. So he should be fine too.
  18. Right on, Henry Rollins is the man. Superstar Punani - Sublime
  19. No one said anything was confirmed. This guy does sound quite similar to the narrator though and I found it funny that he was in that Cheerios commercial.
  20. ^ Welcome to the forum! Any source on that release date? Or is it just a rumour or a prediction from you?
  21. Need For Speed Underground 1 and 2, Crash Nitro Kart and the Twisted Metal series. Burnout Ultimate or Revenege (the last one released for Xbox, PS2, etc.) was pretty good too. Was never a fan of the simulators either...
  22. ^ I've seen the actual band Slayer twice in the past 3 years But yeah I'm not too sure about those two. I'm pretty sure that TM was a mod too...
  23. Artur


    Haha I only ate Febo in the middle of the night when I was hammered. The novelty of inserting your change into a coin slot to receive your burger was just so appealing at the time for some reason. Also funny story, one time we got the great (drunk) idea of inserting 2 euros or whatever it was and trying to open two 'windows' at once. SOMEHOW it worked or maybe the staff at the back was fucking with us, but we ended up getting 2 burgers for the price of one haha! It was pretty funny and got us to spend a few more euros trying to make the 'glitch' happen again. I totally agree with you about the friendliness of the people there. Being the ignorant and North American tourist that I am, I barely knew any Dutch at the time so I would always have to ask people for directions and whatnot. Under my impression it seemed that virtually EVERYONE spoke English and did not mind helping me out. I loved it. As for learning Dutch, the few phrases that I know so far are: 'Een biertje, alstublieft' (that one came in handy a lot) 'God (I think) verdomme!' Haha it's certainly a fun language to (try and) speak. If German goes well, I might try to pick it up after. And yeah I'll definitely let you know if I'm in the Netherlands again!
  24. ^Hahaha I remember when I was about to do shrooms with my friends I Googled: "music to listen to on shrooms". And Amon Tobin just came up numerous times and Google is never wrong
  25. Artur


    @Bear: I'm in a program called Arts and Business (basically arts-y subjects like political science, legal studies, psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc with a basic business courses on the side) and probably going to major in economics. I'm taking German though, very interesting but tricky language. Hopefully I'll be fluent by the end of all of this! @Spaz; Haha that's kinda like when I used to live in Vancouver we had Rain, Rain with a little bit of snow (sometimes), Less Rain and No Rain. @Sky: Congrats on the marriage man! Haven't talked to you in a while either. @Jace: I'm not sure where in the Netherlands you're from but I was in Amsterdam for about two weeks this past summer and it was awesome! Really enjoyed the city besides all the drinking and all the goddamn Febo. Just couldn't stay away from Febo... TGTAP meetup would be pretty sweet, I might be going to Europe again next summer so I'd be down for something around there. Doubt many people live close to Toronto anyway...
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