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problem with screen

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ok so ive had this problem with a couple of games. The words on the phone in gta 4 are really really hard to read there to small and blurry and when I get online at the internet cafe in the game I cant make out most of the words there to small and blurry, now im wondering if its the settings on my ps3 or somthing im not sure. I have a medium size t.v, its not a flat screen or anything its just a normal screen. Then also have a 63" screen that I have at my parents house that I used once, I have the same problem on both. I had this problem with assassins creed as well. So im not sure what the deal is. Im wondering if anyone else had the same problems and what did they do to solve it. thanks for the help.

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Does anyone know what resolution your game is running at?

It supports 720p, 1080i and 1080p but for some reason i cant get it to run at 1080p.

My tv supports 1080p but every time the game starts it goes from 1080p to 720p and i can't for the live of me find a way to change it back to 1080p.

Will it be my tv settings or my ps3 settings that need to be changed?

Please help? Cheers.

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