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  1. But in the pause menu does it say what i have to complete still?
  2. I havent got GTA iv yet (Fuck you game.co.uk for taking fucken ages when you promised me i'll get it on the release date), but is it easy to complete it 100%m example............ does it have a checklist on the menu and stuff like that??? And does it say what you have to complete?
  3. Ohh thanks for that, all my friends say you cant move the camera, and one of my friend says that you can move the camera, but he has been known to lie. I just wanted someone to confirm it for me.
  4. Can you see hookers having sex with Niko on Austrlian version?
  5. There's videos on youtube that compares them together.
  6. Surely Rockstar are going to make a patch for this because this is bullshit, i have not recieved that game yet.
  7. What did the walls do to you? beside be there.
  8. Was this a joke, because if it was thats sad!
  9. I originally had the 3 cords which comes with the ps3, but then i purchased the commponent cord.
  10. Ohh shit! My tv runs on 560p does that mean it will look shit?
  11. When i had FIFA 08 there was small words but i had the Red, White and Yellow cord, and i'm using the Blue, Red and and green one now, so i can see it clear now. And it works good, but it keep flickering all the time.....
  12. People stop your scaring the shit out of me here!
  13. I got heaps of demos, should i delete them?
  14. I wish i had that same feeling today. i'm still waiting for mine to come, it really hurts.
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