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Retrieving game save son xbox 360

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Shit shit shit shit shit.

During the first few days of having gta i thought when you saved it in the apartment, it saved it to the same autosave thing, i found out it was different and all was fine.

I'm on the third island and all is great. Yesterday i did a mission involvingn driving a a dump truck with drugs (Not giving too much away in case of spilers)

But now both game saves are only 29 % / 30% completed, so i seem to have fucked something up BIG time. I'm so fucked off right now. Please tell me there is sometihing i can do to get a previous gamesave over, seeing s i seem to have saved over it with a further off game save.

I'm proper fucked off as to how this has fucking happened

This is not good at-fucking all.


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