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  1. Skate GTA is absolutely absurd, it will never happen, im glad it will never happen, and nothing similar should ever happen. Completely irrelevant and stupid. The BMX in San An was alright ish but as a background thing. I dont even think as a vehicle a skateboard would work, at all. Obviously a game where you could do anything would be awesome but we're nowhere near that yet. And when we do it'll be less GTA and more SecondLife.
  2. And, honestly, it doesnt feel like liberty city. I am competant in fidnign ym way around LC. But this?! Nah man i just get lost. And when i turn on my sirens, no fool gets outta my way!
  3. THe auto-centre thing didnt really help! It'd centre me, but you know, im goin fast! I still need to avoid other cars in the road! If there's too many police aswell i get all afluster. .
  4. I got it today, and while already im impressed by the vastness, i still have a few...Complaints. THe handling of cars, for one, is pretty terrible. I crash left right and centre into every car and wall and this that and the other. I've always adapted well to GTA controls and i hope i do so with this, but it will take a while. Losing the cops is just awkward. Full stop. Cut scenes seem a bit oo-err. Because there is no audible dialogue and its all read i guess it has a harder time captivating the player and so on. These are just three things that bother me. To get the ball rolling. SO, what are yours?
  5. I realise there is a topic already for san andreas stories discussion, but i did feel this merited its own topic. http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetail...&sku=676518 Could this be a mistake? I recall there once being a fluff up involving GAME listing IV as coming out on the DS. So, what's this about? Also, i have done a search to see if this has already been posted and i couldnt find anything, so you know, sorry if it has. SO, is this awesome?
  6. Start making sense Start making constructive posts Stop typing completely in caps. Stop being annoying.
  7. Jesus christ please stop. You're polluting the forum.
  8. I'm hoping to download GTA:SA onto my xbox 360, and there is just one thing bugging me about it. Acceleration. I'm used to playing it on the playstation, and the x button is obviously sensetive to how hard you push it. As far as i am aware on the xbox 360 the A button ISNT sensetive. Whats the acceleration like? i dont like not being in control of my speed, and as odd as it sounds will greatly affect my gameplay! So, is it A button, or triggers like in GTA 4? Thanks!
  9. Are you 100% sure is wasnt a zombie? It might not have been obvious.
  10. (Tagged it all, better be safe than sorry )
  11. Being the bellend i am, i completely forgot to ask the question i meant too. Is tere anyway i can go back a few game saves and get it all back?
  12. Shit shit shit shit shit. During the first few days of having gta i thought when you saved it in the apartment, it saved it to the same autosave thing, i found out it was different and all was fine. I'm on the third island and all is great. Yesterday i did a mission involvingn driving a a dump truck with drugs (Not giving too much away in case of spilers) But now both game saves are only 29 % / 30% completed, so i seem to have fucked something up BIG time. I'm so fucked off right now. Please tell me there is sometihing i can do to get a previous gamesave over, seeing s i seem to have saved over it with a further off game save. I'm proper fucked off as to how this has fucking happened This is not good at-fucking all. shitshitshitshit
  13. Do you have to wait till the third island opens up or are there any on the first/second? Locations, if there are any, thanks!
  14. Noticed any? I dont mean parodies or anyting, just, well, things from the real world! (If anyone says cars i will personally hunt them down) For instance ricky gervais doing stand up on the TV, and being interviewed on the radio. The men in the halo lookin' suits on the TV, And a personal favourite, someone saying 'the internet is a series of tubes' on the radio.
  15. I have it on, i just find it really quiete.
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