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I picked up Vice City Stories today for my PSP and I must say that I'm absolutely loving it. So far Vice City Stories is my favorite game out of the entire franchise. That aside, I have this bug in the game that is taking away from my gaming experience.. first of all, I've captured all thirty sites and I'm 24% into the game - and I still get the rival gangs attacking my sites on occasion, and when they do I obviously rush over there to get in on some of the action, but when I do get there they just stand there, and so do my gang members - the only ones that actually attack are the guys that ride in on the bikes/cars - furthermore when they come to ambush me, say on their bikes, they don't even attack me, and when I get out of my vehicle to counter them they just stand there, and eventually walk away.

It's kind of annoying, and altogether boring. Perhaps it's part of the game, or it could possibly be a bug. I'm not quite sure, thats why I need some opinions on this. Also if it helps, I've over-done the saving process so I could get extra cash from my empire earnings, that may have instigated some kind of bug?

**Also if any of you know, I'm wondering if you can disable the trails in grand theft auto and other PSP games, because it's gets kind of irritating for me to see my surroundings in my games correctly.

Thank you in advance!

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