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Soviet invasion


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I wanted that in this story to put each protagonist from GTA, okay all until Claude will be shot by Cesar for killing Catalina.Lo lwhatever so this is it ...

---Soviet invasion---

August, the 3rd, 1995.Just a normal sunny day.CJ was out with Sweet and Cesar.They decided to go to Cluckin' Bell.But they were shadowed by some helicopters coming from East Los Santos.

*Sweet: What the fuck is that?!

*Cesar: Don't know ese.But there are a lot.

*CJ: Hey isn't that the Soviet sign?

*Cesar: Soviets?

Suddenly a bullet went towards Sweet and nearly killed them.They ran and took cover.Some homies came outside and started shooting at the helis but some homies were shot dead.CJ, Sweet and Cesar joined the party and shot down 3 helicopters.A homie got up in the jet and another in the tank and they started to blast the helis.Some soldiers parachuted from the helis and landed behind Grove street.Now a close combat started on Grove street.CJ and the rest entered the Johnsons house and called Woozie.

*CJ: Wooz! This is an emergency! We are attacked by ...

*Woozie: Soviets, I know! They're here too.

*CJ: So that's with the gunfire.

*Woozie: Yeah well ...

*CJ: Woozie? Woozie you still there? Shit!

*Cesar: Ese we can't stay here.We gotta find a place.We're not ready to fight yet.

*Sweet: Right.I know a hidding place.Under the bridge.They'll never find us.

They went under the bridge in that takes to Idlewood, trying not to be detected by the Soviets.When they arrived there, Sweet switched on the lights and the hideout was lighted.They sat down and started to discuss.

*Sweet: And now?

*Cesar: Dunno man.

*CJ: I know! We fight!

*Cesar & Sweet: Yeah!

*CJ: Okay so look: *rolls a map on a box*.We first have to get back Grove street.

*Sweet: Okay! Hey wait what's that? *finds a box and opens it* Whoa! Aks and Tecs!

*Cesar: Just our luck!

*CJ: Okay let's go!

They id behind some bushes and saw some Soviets with a Humvee patroling the street.They got to the Humvee, wasted the soldiers inside and took the Humvee.Ten they went to Grove street.When they reached there, Grove street was a ruin.They saw gang members and soldiers dead.The guys exited the Humvee and checked for any survivors.They were dissapointed that they didn't find anyone alive.Suddenly some homies came from the back of the street when they heared CJ and the rest.

*OG: CJ ... good you're alive!

*CJ: And good that some of you survived!

*OG2: Yeah but we are low on ammo and men.

*Cesar: We got some crates with some good guns.It'll be useful.And you can take the Humvee too.

*OG: Okay good!

*Sweet: Look you gotta lock the hood! Nobody with a russian accent enters the hood.Who's in is dead!

*OG2: Okay!

*Cesar: Some of you will go with us.

*OG3: I'll go.

*OG2: Me too.

*CJ: Okay the rest protect the hood.Oh wait.We forgot the kevlars! *goes to take the box with the kevlars* .Here ya go! *hands some kevlars to the homies*

*OG: Thanks man!

*Cesar: Okay it's time to go!

*CJ: Right.

They went back to the hideout to discuss the next hit.

*CJ: Now we take El Corona.

*Cesar: Alright!

*OG2: Those Soviets are dead!

*CJ: Okay let's go.

They sneaked to Unity Station, avoiding the Soviets.When they reached there, they saw soldiers loading some crates in a train.Thry launched a full attack, killing every Soviet there and destroying their equipment.CJ went at the locomotive, opened the door from the driver and noticed that the driver wasn't a Soviet.He left him run and they continued their way.When they crossed the railroad, they saw Aztecas fighting with the Soviets.They attacked the soldiers from behind and killed them.Cesar ran at Sunne, Gal and Hazer.

*Cesar: You okay carnales?

*Hazer: Fino, Cesar.

*Cesar: Okay you stay here.Guard the hood.

*Sunny: Okay ese.

*CJ: Ces, let's take control of the airport.

*Cesar: Right.

They saw some dune buggys with 50 cal. machine guns,they took 2 and entered the airport through the gate and jumped the ramp, onto the airfield, shooting the soldiers.The soldiers returned fire but they were killed by the bullets of the machine gun.There was a plane there thatwas about to take off but CJ, quickly drove near the plane, threw a grenade, and returned to the group.When the plane took off, it didn't stood too much in air and it blew up, falling in the water.They found some kevlars in the back of the dune buggys and returned in the Azteca hood to give them the kevlars.They then returned to the hideout.

*CJ: Okay ... El Corona and Airport are secured, now time to take Ocean docks.From what I know, more Soviets are coming in a ship.So we will interfere and sunk that ship so no Soviet motherfucker will cross in America!

*Everybody: Yeah!

They got in the dune buggys, and got at Ocean docks.They saw 2 soldiers guarding the gate, so they took them out, blasted the gate locker, entered and were attacked by soldiers.They took cover and wasted the soldiers.One soldier came out with an RPG and fired towards the team.They ducked and shot all the soldiers.After everything was clear, Sweet took the RPG, handed it to CJ and told him tosunk the ship that was coming.CJ first wanted to be sure it's a soviet so he took a soldiers binoculars and checked the ship.The ship was a soviet one and CJ fired the RPG, the rocket making a hole in the front of the ship.The ship sunk but the soldiers were advancin with the safeboats.CJ found a sniper rifle and shot every soldier.Then they checked the docks but didn't found anything.They then returned at the base.

*CJ: Docks secured.

*Sweet: And now? I say we take control of the County Hospital.

*Cesar: I agree with Sweet ese.

*CJ: Okay.

*OG3: CJ! Listen to this.

*Radio: This is Tatiana Kempisnky on WCTR News.We had several attacks at the airport, train station and docks.The attackers belive to be some rebels.One of the attacker, called "The Freedom Phantom", even though he had a bandana is belived to be an afro-american in his early 30s.The attacker, with other 4 persons, attacked our troops and sank a ship.The attackers are wanted in whole state San Andreas

*OG2: Now they have a radio too!

*CJ: Hmm ... whole state.Okay so let's continue.We'll take the hospital.

They went at the hospital but there were some soldiers guarding the entrance and the soldiers had 50 cal. machine guns placed there.So they jumped the fence and took out the guards at the door.They entered the hospital and took out every soviet they saw.They checked floor with floor, killing the soviets.When they regrouped in the lobby they heared something coming rom a closet.They checked and saw some doctors and the hospital guard.They untied them and told them to say here and gave the guard an AK in case of anything.Then they exited, attacked the machine gunners from behind, wasted the soldiers.They took some weapons and returned to the hideout.

*CJ: Hospital is safe.Now it's time to take the News building.

*Sweet: News building?

*CJ: Yeah!

*OG3: Okay let's go!

They got their guns, and headed towards the News building which was guarded by more soldiers.They took them out and got inside the building.They sneaked behind some crates, got upstairs and entered the lounge.They sneaked behind the soldiers and killed them.They saw a light coming from a room and entered to check if someone is there.They saw Lianne Forget, Darius Fontaine and Lazlow tied up.They untied them and told them to stay here.The room was a storage where the Soviets put their weapons so the team got packed and continued.They got upstairs in the studio and there was Tatiana Kempinsky and some soldiers.They took out the soldiers and tied up Tatiana.CJ went to the microphone.

*CJ: *at radio* Americans! I am Carl Johnson ... the Freedom Phantom.As you can see, San Andreas is attacked by Soviets.So in this moment ... you have 2 choises.Stand and fight or be captured, tortured and killed.If you really want to live ... take up arms against the evil invaders and yell in their faces that they will never take out freedom!!

*Sweet: Nice.

*CJ: Thanks.

*Cesar: What's that?

*OG2: It's coming from outside.

*OG3: Let's check.

*Cesar: People ...

*Sweet: You are their hero CJ.

*CJ: Hmm.

CJ got out and waved at the people.They jumped happily and shouted that they choose to stand and fight.Back to the hideout, everybody was sleeping, exept CJ.He stood on the chair checking the map of Los Santos.The next morning, CJ was woke up by Sweet.

*Sweet: Come on CJ wake up.You didn't sleep well huh?

*CJ: Naa ...

*OG3: Okay so what's our next plan?

*CJ: Yawn.We take the police station.

*Cesar: Okay ese.You better stay ehre and sleep, we'll take care of this.

*CJ: No man! I'll fight.

They reached the police station and split up.CJ and Cesar entered the police station and Sweet with the homies went in the carpark underground.Inside, the soldiers started firing at CJ and Cesar and they took cover behind a desk, returning fire.They went upstairs and killed every soviet there.They then went to the lockers killing the soldiers there and then at the cells where killed 2 more solders and freed the officers in the cells.The officers gave them some crates with weapons and 2 SWAT trucks.They went outside and Sweet with the homies came from the car park.They got in the trucks, and went back at the hideout.Sweet called the hood to see what's the situation and a homie told them that everything is alright.Then the team got briefed.

*CJ: Okay so 75% from LS is ours.Let's check out Madd Dogg.

They got in the trucks and got to Madd Dogg's mansion.Some guards came out and aimed at the trucks.CJ got out and told them that Madd Dogg is his friend.They got in the mansion and Madd Dogg greeted them.

*CJ: So how ya beeing?

*MaddDogg: Well with this shit with Soviets ... I nearly got whacked.

Maccer and Paul came and shaked hands with CJ.

*CJ: What up?

*Paul: Nothing much.We're just pit down here.

*Maccer: Well I bet I can take out those So-vi-etecs with one bullet.

*Paul: Yeah with one bullet into your head! Or wait, one knock in your head. *knocks Maccer*

*Maccer: Oh c'mon mate! What was that for? You knock me daily for no reason!

*Paul: No reason? Well I have a reason: You can't shut up!

*Maccer: I can't? Look at you!

*CJ: Shut the fuck up! Wheres Rosie.

*Paul: He went in Vice.

*CJ: So he's safe.

*Paul: Yep.

*CJ: Okay Madd Dogg look, we gotta go.

*MaddDogg: Okay CJ! I whish ya luck man.

*CJ: Yeah thanks.I'll need it.

They returned at the hideout and discussed the next target.

*CJ: Time to take control of Market station.No more Soviets will come in with the train.

*Sweet: Okay!

*CJ: But first let's rest.We're tired and we need more energy.

After they rest a little, they went to Market at midnight.Everything was normal until they heard some vehicles coming.They hid and saw a soviet convoy.CJ threw a grenade infront of the first vehicle which was a Humvee, and Sweet threw at the last vehicle which was also a Humvee.The Humvees blew and the team advanced at the truck.They killed the driver and passanger and the homies hid the truck in some bushes and guarded it.CJ, Sweet and Cesar went down at the station and killed all Soviets.They saw the light of a train coming and they hid behind some chairs.The train stopped and CJ killed the driver with an SD.They then launched a full attack at the soldiers coming from the train.Cesar planted some satchel charges after they killed the Soviets and then they returned up, blowing the train.They got in the truck and went back at the hideout.There, they opened the crates and found some supplies: weapons, ammo and food.Then, while eating, they decided the next missison.

*CJ: Now one last thing: the transformer from Playa del Seville.

*Sweet: I'll call some Sevilles and ask them if they can attack the transformer.We will join the party too.

*CJ: Okay you do that bro.

Sweet called the Sevilles and they accepted to to a diversion for the team to sneak up at the transformer.They reached Seville and gave the signal for the homies to attack.The homies fought with the soldiers, wile CJ and the team made their way at the transformer, killing soldiers and when they reahced the transformer, Cesar planted satchel charges.They then attacked the soldiers from behind and no Seville homie was shot.CJ found more kelars in a box and handed it at the homies.They then returned at the hideout.

*CJ: 90% from Los Santos is ours.Time to finish this.The last group of Soviets is in the Town Hall.So we go there, kill everybody, and free the mayor.

*Everybody: Yeah!

They reached the hall which was guarded by more soldiers and machine gunners.CJ found a good hidding place and he took out the machine gunners while the rest attacked the soldiers from all directions.They got in the Hall and then killed more soldiers.They avanced upstairs and took cover behind a desk, wasteing more soldiers.They heard a sound from a room and found the mayor with 2 guards.They untied them and gave the guards some firepower.They reached the mayors desk where there were more soldiers and a russian general.They took them out and got on the roof and changed the Soviet flag with the american flag.People who saw the flag were waving and jumping happily that Los Santos is safer.But San Fierro, Las Venturas, the countryside and the desert are still under Soviet control.

Back on Grove street, CJ was eatin with Cesar, Sweet and some homies.Suddenly came Kendl.Cesar jumped off his chair and went to hug her.

*Cesar: Chica where have you been?

*Kendl: In Las Venturas, at the Caasino.Found a good place to hide and when I had th opportunity, I ran and some Temple Drive families took me here.

*CJ: Damn sis.Next time call us.

*Sweet: Yeah we were damn worried.

Suddenly the phone rings.CJ goes to answer and at the phone was Woozie.

*CJ: Hello.

*Woozie: Carl.

*CJ: Woozie? Woozie is that you?

*Woozie: We need help ... San Fierro under attack.

*CJ: Hnag on there we're coming and ... hello? Woozie? Damn!

*Cesar: What's happening?

*CJ: Woozie is in trouble.

*Sweet: Then let's go.

*CJ: The countryside is under Soviet control.

*OG: We'll handle with the countryside.

*CJ: Okay.Then let's go.

CJ, Sweet, Cesar and approximately 150 Grove street gang members plus 150 Los Aztecas went into the country side to clear it.A large convoy with 121 cars with 4 in gang memebrs in each car exited Los Santos and entered the country side.The convoy split up and 7 cars went in Dillimore, 7 in Blueberry, 7 in Montgomery, 7 in Palomino Creek, 5 at Panopticon, 5 at the farm, 8 in Angel Pine, 4 in Back 'o' Beyond, 5 on Mount Chilliad and the rest entered San Fierro and slip up.5 cars went at the airport and the rest went at Woozies Betting Store.They entered and saw triads dead on the ground.They went upstairs and found some soldiers.They killed them and advanced at Woozie's penthouse.They found him wounded at the left arm and with a gun in the right arm.

*CJ: Wooz you okay?

*Woozie: Yes ... I am now.

Suddenly some Triads came with a med kit and healed Woozie.Then they took a map of San Fierro and decided to take the garage.They got in the cars and went to the construction site.They cleared the site from any soldier and advanced at the garage, entering from the back door.Inside, they killed the soldiers and more soldiers came from the front door.CJ took the minigun from a locker and blasted the soldiers.When everything was clear, they decided to take control of Cranberry station.Some gang memebrs remained at the garage and construction site to guard it.The rest advanced at Cranberry station.There was a train with soviets and they attacked the train.Some soldiers came out of the train and the train started.CJ ran with his RPG towards the train and blasted the hell out of it.Then they took the map and checked it.They decide to take control of Zombotech and in Easter Basin.They split up again.6 cars went at Zombotech and 6 at Easter Basin, 6 more cars went at Gant Bridge and the rest at the town hall.

At the town hall, CJ entered and killed the soldiers inside, they went upstairs, killing more guards.They reached the mayors office, killed another general and changed the flag.They also head a sound from a room and they found the mayor.They untied it and some gang members stood with him.Then they went to Gant Bridge, where they found the homies fighting with the soldiers.They joined the party and wasted the soldiers, then crossed the bridge.Some gangsters remained to guard the bridge and some went to the other bridges to clear them.

They reached Bayside Marina where the Soviets were loading something in a helicopter.They sneaked there, killed the soldiers, but the heli took off.CJ quickly threw a grenade and the pilot jumped and the heli exploded.The pilot fell in the water and CJ blasted him.They then cleared the rest of the Bayside and ocntinued in Tierra Robada.They slip up again and CJ went at Toreno's ranch while the others went in El Quebrados, Las Barrancas and Aldea Malvada.At Toreno's ranch, CJ saw soldiers fighting with Toreno's men.They interfered and wasted the soldiers.Toreno came and greeted CJ, gave him some guns and then CJ continued towards Fort Carson.There was a road block at the entrance in Fort Carson and the team killed the soldiers there.They advanced towards the city and killed every soldier they found.The city was cleared and Sweet called some homies that were in El Quebrados and Las Barrancas and told them to split and go in Las Payadas, Sherman Dam and Verdant Meadows while they take the Hunter Quarry and Las Venturas.In Las Venturas, CJ decided first to take The Four Dragons Casino.They reached the Casino and wasted any soldier nearby.Inside, they wasted yet more soldiers and destroyed their equipment.Some gangsters remained in the casino to guard it.Then they decided to take control of the train stations so they split up and went at the stations, while the others went to The Visage, The strip, KACC Military Fuels, Rockshore West and East, Come-a-lot, the Police station, the hospitals and the town hall.

At the town hall, CJ saw the Soviet leader with the mayor and outside a tank, 2 Humvees and a lot of soldiers.CJ threw a grenade under the tank and it blew up.The tank wasn't effected and the soldiers started looking around.The Humvees went with the soldiers and only some soldiers remained there.The leader entered the hall from the roof entrance and CJ launched an attack.Some homies attacked from the west, making a distraction while the rest went to the tank and killing the driver.They then entered the hall and killed more Soviets.Then, they went upstairs and saw some guards in a black suit.CJ decided to handle this so he went there and told them to fight.The guards looked at eac other and one of them went towards CJ.CJ knocked him and he fell down.The other one went towards CJ and CJ ducked and kicked the guard.Then CJ was surrounded by the 2 guards and when they were about to knock him, Sweet interfered and knocked the one behind CJ and CJ knocked the one infront of him.Then they finished then and entered the mayors office.Inside the office the general took the mayor as human shield.CJ aimed at him and shot the general.

After the death of their leader, the Soviets retreated and San Andreas was free again.That day, everybody on Grove street came out and celebrated.They oragnised a low rider challenge and at the party came Aztecas and Traids too.

*Sweet: We did it man.We defeated those assholes.

*CJ: Yeah man!

*Cesar: Let's get something to eat.

*Sweet & CJ: Right.

*CJ: *takes a deep breath* Ahh ... freedom.


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