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WildWest RolePlay[SA-MP Server]

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WildWest RolePlay


Name: .. Wildwest Roleplay .. [wildwest-rp.org]


Server Map: Fort Carson/Dillimore

Server Mode: WWRP v6.5 (RolePlay)

What is unique on this server?


* This is the only RolePlay server located in the desert, it's not only the location thats in the desert. The whole gameplay is WildWest Style.

* The Server got 2 city's, when you register you'll choose your origin: Fort Carson or Dillimore, This is your living city.

* Getting guns is not as easy as in other servers. Never thought about: Buying guns legally in shops isn't very RP? Well, in WildWest Roleplay weapon dealing is RP!

You'll have to deal with the mafia to get your guns, if they like you they offer you a gun. Having a gun gives you more power in this server, thats what is called RP.

* We got special places, we got a total Beach scripted in, a train station scripted in and a huge fight arena scripted in

* Also get rid of the usual interiors? We got total new interiors that ain't used much yet!

* Much factions are added, over 14 official factions! (and alot more unofficial factions!)

What special functions does the server got?


* Really Special: We got Inevita RP coming. This is a big add-on, created by our scripting team. With InevitaRP our server will be more dynamic then any other server. InevitaRP will suit all your needs!

* Helicopter Trace, used for PD. When they are near a suspect and flying in a chopper. All cops will get a marker on their maps as long as the chopper stays near the suspect!

* Personal owned bars: Buy your own bar and see it as a headquarter, or just to have som fun in!

* Dynamic functions, which can be editted from ingame: Create your own official faction in only 5 minutes ingame!


* Developed inventory system

This script got many more functions, included nice commands! Check out ingame for them!

The Wildwest RolePlay team hopes to see you soon in our Wildwest Roleplay server!

More information: Check out http://forums.wildwest-rp.org


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