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[RELEASE] GTAIV Vehicle Colors Editor

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This is a program to simplify the ability of modding the vehicle colors in GTAIV. First of all, it's "vehicle" colors editor and not "car" colors editor for the simple fact that there are lines in the file specified for bikes, boats, and helicopters. Now then, the vehicle colors specify which vehicles spawn using which colors as their paint job in-game.

With this program you are able easily to add, edit, and even remove existing colors listed in the file. You should be careful when removing existing colors as doing so can make the colors for all the vehicles appear incorrectly in-game. Choosing to add or edit an existing color will bring you a new dialog. In here, you can choose the color you want by using either the textboxes or sliders. The 'Pick' button opens the windows color dialog allowing you pick a color from there. Prefix and Color values are used for the police scanner only. For example, if you set the prefix to light and the color to red, the police scanner will say you are in a light red vehicle when in chase.

You are also able to add, edit, or remove the vehicle color schemes that are listed in the file. Car3 data consists of 2 body parts and 1 2nd specular color and Car4 data consists of 3 body parts and 1 2nd specular. Each of their values is the index of the color it represents, which by using the buttons next to the respective textbox inserts the current color index into the textbox.

REMEMBER: It's recommended to add colors/schemes rather than removing or editing existing colors/schemes.

NEW in v1.1: Added a color index table for easier color selection. The file must be loaded to view the table because the table loads the colors from the file and not from a pre-defined list.

NEW in v1.2: Added more features to the color index table and fixed some bugs with it. Now when you add/edit a color, it will be updated if the color index table is already open. Also when you click the color in the table, it will be selected in the main color list. I also added a new feature which will show all vehicles that are using the color selected in the main list. This can be accessed from the main window or by double clicking the color in the index table. Double clicking a vehicle in either of the used vehicles lists will select the vehicle and color scheme in the main list for quick editing. Using this feature I found there are 4 unused colors in the color list, the indexes are 100, 120, 125, and 130.

You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all.




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