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ADSL Wireless Router Help?


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So, I have bought this router. It connects to the computer, ADSL port where the internet comes out of etc. But it is having problems connecting to the internet.

In the instructions, it says that the computer has to wire up to the wireless router first, then I can install wireless adapters etc. I have done all this, adsl cables, networking cables etc. But it still won't connect to the internet, It tells me the ISP is not accepting my settings, is there anyway I can fix it by myself without having to ring up the infuriating Orange?

I don't have a firewall on the computer because it is still SP1.

Any ideas?

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Scott, your most better to upgrade to TalkTalk, and get a new SP, like SP2 or something.

Go in your Routers Admin interface (type your Routers IP) then your password and look at the settings for Wireless. If you have a NETGEAR DG834 Router then follow these steps:

In the Setup category go to "Wireless Settings" you should see a page of settings.

Name (SSID): Your NETWORK name (Ex: NETGEAR)

Region: Europe (or what ever yours is)

Channel: 06

Mode: g & b

Wireless Access Point

Enable Wireless Access Point: Yes (tick)

Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) Yes (tick)

Wireless Isolation - Leave UN-ticked. If selected then unselect this

Security Options

Disable <-- Tick this

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)


Click Apply.

If you need any more help just re-post or PM me. :)


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That'd be a problem with either your setup configurations or your Routers Signal Adapter. Make sure you have put in your Wireless PCI Adapters in correct. Make sure you screw your Wireless card into your PC under the Dial-up socket.

Unfortunately I cannot help anymore on MSN because I can't signin on any Messenger software. -_-

P.S: I have TeamViewer though. :P

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