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[WIP] Anonymous is legion...


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[Edit] Nevermind, I got it! :D

WOOT! So now I've got a Fawkes mask, and my inner /b/tard is satisfied. :)

I used the Jason Voorhees mod from here, and basically just retextured it. It came out very good, but I have to go in and edit the model itself and close the eyes up. Just doesn't look quite right...

Anyway, I got it! Nevermind the /r/...

- CK


[edit] Another edit...

I've decided to release it as a reskin, since there's no way in hell I'm paying for Zmodeler, and the 3DS Max import/export script sucks nuts (The successful transfer between GTA .dff and 3DS seems to be a closely guarded secret)... SO!!! If anyone wants to fix the model, they can. Also, reshape the crown to be flat instead of rounded, and the top strap completely removed. This would be perfect...

I kinda like the painted over rivets, as they look more like plastic rivets now than Jason Voorhees psycho killer mask rivets.


If anyone would make a protest sign pack that would replace a weapon, that would be INSANELY cool!!! Inscriptions would be like, "/b/lackup has arrived" or "longcat is looooong" or any other meme you choose. :)


- CK

P.s. Could someone do me a favor and make a building mod? I need a Church of Scientology... ;)




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