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Handling modifications

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Editing the cars is pretty easy. I have no trouble molesting engines to do my bidding, 'fixing' damage values, changing AWD/RWD/FWD, weight, etc etc.

The thing I have trouble with, however, is grip.

1. I can't seem to do anything with cornering. I change values, but I have no idea what values did what. For now, I copy those from a nippy car into one I want to make nippy.

2. I can't seem to get ABS to work properly. If I put a 4 in the proper spot, for ABS_ALT_STD, the car drives as if I had left the 0 there. IF I put a 1 in, for ABS_STD, the vehicle gets stuck in P and won't move, nor will the engine rev if I have the handbrake pulled. I did succeed in adding ABS to the police car, however. I put a 1 in, and the ABS works fine! This is very puzzling indeed...

3. My engines can make ANY vehicle accelerate like the space shuttle. Thing is, they usually do so while roasting all tires. My edited police car will do 0-175mph in 4 seconds flat, while leaving two deep black marks on the pavement behind it. While I like this acceleration, I would like to have the grip to use it with 2WD, so I can get better turn-in and not have to slow to about 10 or so for every single corner.

I have done some nice mods, tho. My Blista Compact accelerates quickly and is VERY easy to turn, sometimes too easy. Being an FWD, even while it burns out it turns on a dime. I edited the Benson to behave pretty much like a 25 foot long Coquette, and it has 0 for every damage multiplier(And if you saw all the stuff I hit with that thing, you'd understand why :P). My Rancher can be a bucket of lulz, but it suffers the AWD push problem as well, or it just does donuts if I try to torquesplit it any. It almost pulls wheelies tho!

Does anyone know how to make sense of the traction modifiers? They behave NOTHING like San Andreas, where I could make any vehicle behave how I wanted it to. My SA values for the Sultan, for example, turn that thing into a bulldozer.

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