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GTASA original files

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Okay, once again there's new topics asking for original files for SA because "modded file doesn't work" & it's too

much trouble to re-install.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: When you (re-)install, do it twice. Install the game & then make a folder outside GTASA labeled

"SA backup" or similar & copy the contents of GTASA to it. Leave your backup folder set as READ ONLY & no you

have your own backup of any file or model in the game.

When you uninstall, defrag your hard drive to completely get rid of the old files (Windows tends to be a little lazy & will

re-use old files if they're not overwritten). Install your mods one at a time & test them before you install another.

This whole topic may seem pointless, but not everybody knows this. Consider this a headsup for people new to modding.

STAFF: Feel free to lock or move this to another related topic, whatever you think will best work.

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