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  1. GTASA original files

    I've been through time and time again trying to reinstall gta-sa just to play the game. damn. thanks for the information.
  2. First video for GTA Las Vegas on Youtube

    pretty cool, maybe you could use FRAPS next time to get some real time video of it. or something. Keep the creativity going. I use Sony Vegas btw, but haven't produced anything GTA-wise. Currently working on a machinima just incase you're wondering. .. . . kthnxbye
  3. How was GTASA to you?

    San Andreas is my current favorite game on the PC. I have GTA 4, but I still am playing (and making movies) out of GTA SA. It's been great!!!!
  4. game mods

    I'm also new! I would say no, you can't. but I'm not an expert modifier. I just know how to use the ones on the PC only (windows Vista Premium). anyway Try searching in google and or here. there may be some mods out there for the ps2. If you're using a standard ps2 then you may want to consider getting a PC. from the looks of it, however, that may take awhile.