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Modding Questions

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I seen a vid on youtube with a car smashing through anything it hits..... i figured this was increased mass but i tested it and it didnt work, i used the GTAIV Handling Editor.exe tool.

Can anyone confirm to me what values i need to change?

Whats the best way to make a car fly? I seen a topic on this but it was unclear if it would be best to change it to IS_HELI or IS_PLANE...

And do you really need to edit the vehicles.ide?

Any other info about handling settings on how would be the best way to go about making a car fly would be great aswel :D

Also, how do you make it so cars can drive on water?..... or drive like a boat.

Anyone know how to make your character run faster? Or would it be possible to make him fly or is that just silly.

Also any info on what files these sort of settings will be located?



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