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ESU - Realistic Police Simulator Clan. Xbox 360

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ESU is a clan whom does more then a regular police clan. We Are The up-most organized police Clan. Unlike others we don't stop, we continue until the job is done. We play a realistic version Of "Cops and robbers" With an upbeat change in very game. Beside the plain Old Pull-overs, You may find your self in a shoot out with a insane man! or an honorable hostage situation! The ESU Stands for Emergency Service Unit! We play on team death match mode with proximity chat so we can only hear the crooks in a radius with other specific settings. The cops take the time to get they police cars and weapons. Once they are ready, the patrol is live. The cops patrol the streets of boundaries we set in the lobby. We handle situations as a real police officer would and we use real police codes for communication, but not to worry, it's only a limited number of codes. Join Today at http://esuclan.toxicfarm.com/

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