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International Roleplay ''Start your second life here.''

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Server Address:

Server Owner: Jesse Paxton, Cristofer Martin, Jason Clark

Website: http://www.projectroleplay.co.nr

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Host:Delux Host

Gamemode Name: intrp V0.1

Gamemode Type: Los Santos RP


International Roleplay is a new SAMP server, it has a script based in Los Santos, whit ALOT of features and different commands to help you to roleplay and make the roleplay better. We have quite a few factions, also if you have an good idea for your gang or mafia, apply and maybe you will get scripted in.

There are also quite a few official factions, which are in need of leaders. So if you are interested, go to our forums and apply.


Returning after you crash

When your game crashes, you'll be returned at thes same position where you crashed.

Clothes system

Lets say that you selected Male character, so you can have male skins only. No more stupid non-rp skin changes, you have to go to clothes shop and buy some new clothes.

Vehicle Ownership

You can buy a car from car dealership or a player. It will belong to you untill you sell it, and you can /v park your car everywhere you want.

You can own 3 vehicles at the same time.

New drug dealing system

The old one godfather drug dealing system was kinda non-rp, so here is the new one. There is a drug farm in blueberry, drugs farmer harvests some drugs and stores them at a "drugs bank". Then drugs smuggler goes to "drugs bank" and loads some drugs (ofcourse he has to pay for it a little) and delivers drugs to the safe spot. Then drugs smuggler sells drugs to drugs dealer at the black market and finally drugs dealer sells drugs to other players.

New cellphone system

We have improved cellphone system a lot. You can call with unidentified number as the unknown person. Every cellphone has a speaker, that you can turn on. /hangup bug fixed too and new command /hidenumber for donators. Short number added instead of /service [name]. Ex.: /call 111 will call you a pizza boy.

Car engine

Car must be started, before driving. You can start you engine by pressing SHIFT or typing /engine. Engine has 3/4 chances to start and 1/4 to fail. If car damage is more then 50% your engine will brake down, so you have to call a mechanic.

Mask system

We have mask system too, once you are Level 5, you can buy a mask at 24/7. If you're wearing it, no-one can see your name. And you'll be with the unknown name too. Ex.: Stranger says: Stay cool.

Note system

Everyone has a notebook with 5 pages, you can /createnote, /givenote, /shownotes, /deletenote.

Inventory system

If you put your gun at your inventory it will be saved even you'll disconnect.

Trunk system

Every 4 wheeled car has a trunk with 4 slots for weapons and 1 slot for body armour.

Trunks are saveable, so your guns will be saved even after game mode restart.

Smoking system

To /smoke you need to buy some cigarettes and a lighter from 24/7. You smoking section lasts 60 seconds and you i will get 15+ HP due your smoking section. Every 15 seconds you flick from the cigarette.

Weapon dealing system

There is a Materials bank at docks of Los Santos. Materials smuggler (job available for everyone) picks up a material package from Blueberry materials factory and puts a package at Materials Bank. They will get a little profit for that. Gun Maker (faction only job) buys materials from materials bank and then he/she can /creategun. To create a gun you need to put a package at Gun factory and then factory worker will say if it's done.


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