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Txd Workshop Error, Please Help!

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So i am trying to simply retexture this FBI mod into a SAPD cop, and whenever i try to import the image, it comes up as an error, but then when i click on another picture and back to it it shows up, so i save the TXD and when i open it again the picture doesnt even show up and all just pixels and stuff, please ive been trying to find an answer to this on my SAMP community but no body helped so hopefully one of you can! Here are some SSes of whats happening.ErrorSS.jpg

^This is what happend when i import it into the txd^


^This is what happens when i click on another image and come back to the imported on^


^And this happens after i save the txd and reopen it^

If you can help please tell me what im doing wrong! Im saving the images as bitmaps and as the same dimensions as the originals

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