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The Battle Royale of 2009's Fighting Games (youtube-wise)

Fighting Game of 2009  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Who you're bettin on?

    • Street Fighter IV
    • The King of Fighters XII
    • BlazBlue
    • Tekken 6
    • Fight Night Round 4
    • UFC Undisputed 2009
    • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 "HD Remix"

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**I understand most of these fighting games below have not been released yet (atleast not in the U.S. of A). So bear with me.

This year could be year of the epic fighting games. The following contest is a BATTLE ROYALE where the winner based on poll votes will have the greater potential to become FIGHTING GAME OF THE YEAR. The competitors are:

Street Fighter IV


The King of Fighters XII


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


Tekken 6


Fight Night Round 4


UFC Undisputed 2009


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 "HD Remix"


Which will it be? :evil:

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King of Fighters XI is out now, but it's not doing well at all.

IGN = 6/10

Gamespot = 5/10

G4's X-Play = 2/5

PS Magazine (USA) = 60/100 :nope:

I'll have to pass on KoF XII. I mean, less characters, no boss, no King, no K', no MAI??, online is laggy.....I was gonna rent this too. This is a letdown in the KoF series, I suggest you buy KoF XI while it's still available. That's a whole lot better.

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OK, poll's over. We have a clear winner:

1st Place: Tekken 6

2nd Place: UFC Undisputed 2009

3rd Place: Street Fighter IV

My personal opinion:

I was hoping for Tekken 6 to win my vote, but I have to side with Street Fighter as my personal fighting GOTY. Although the graphics and gameplay and getting $$$ scenario campaign are good, the reasons why Tekken is not my personal winner are:

* Cheap AI

* Cheap Boss (Azazel)

* Cheap online players

* No Arcade Mode endings in Arcade Mode (the endings are in Scenario Campaign's "Arena" mode which is like a direct copy of Arcade mode. Fail.)

* Pointless Ghost Mode (although building up your fighters is nice, what's the true use of having ghosts?)

So my fighting GOTY placement is:

1st Place: Street Fighter IV

2nd Place: Blazblue

3rd Place: Tekken 6

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